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Alligator Blues - Box Com 15 CDs (Cód: 4091346)


Alligator Records

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Alligator Blues - Box Com 15 CDs



Um box com 15 CDS que reúne os maiores intérpretes de blues como Tommy Castro, Shemekia Copeland, Koko Taylor, James Cotton, Albert Collins, entre outros. Centrado em álbuns inéditos no Brasil, gravados na última década, o pacote mostra também a diversidade do catálogo Alligator. Um exemplo precioso é “Have a Little Faith” (2004), da veterana Mavis Staples, que interpreta com a voz rascante uma emotiva coleção de canções entre o rhythm & blues, o soul e o gospel. Carismática também é Janiva Magness, revelação do R&B, que esbanja talento e garra, em “What Love Will Do” (2008).

Faixas do CD 1: Tommy Castro

1. Definition Of Insanity
2. It Is What It Is
3. Hard Believer
4. Monkey's Paradise
5. Ninety-Nine And One Half
6. Backup Plain
7. Gotta Serve Somebody
8. Trimmin' Fat
9. Make It Back To Menphis
10. Victims Of The Darkness
11. My Babe
12. The Trouble With Soul

Faixas do CD 2: Abert Collins, Robert Cray & Johnny Copeland
1. T-Bone Shuffle
2. The Moon Is Full
3. Lion's Den
4. She's Into Something
5. Bring Your Fine Self Home
6. Black Cat Bone
7. The Dream
8. Albert's Alley
9. Blackjack
10. Something To Remember You By
Faixas do CD 3: Shemekia Copeland
1. Livin' On Love
2. Two's A Crowd
3. When A Woman's Had Enough
4. Sholanda's
5. Dont't Whisper
6. Should Have Come Home
7. Talking To Strangers
8. Too Much Traffic
9. Too Close
10. Walk On
11. Ka-Ching
12. The Push I Need
13. Happy Valentine's Day
14. When The Battle Is Over
15. Pien In The Sky
Faixas do CD 4: Koko Taylor
1. Piece Of Man
2. Gonna Buy Me A Mule
3. Black Hat
4. Money Is The Game Of The Game
5. You Ain't Worth A Good Woman
6. Better Watch Your Step
7. Bad Avenue
8. Bad Rooster
9. Don't Go No Further
10. All Your Love
11. Hard Pill  To Swallow
12. Young Fashioned Ways
Faixas do CD 5: The Holmes Brothers
1. Smiling Face Hiding A Weeping Heart
2. Close The Door
3. Peace, Love And Undestanding
4. Gasoline Drawers
5. I Can't Help Me If I Still In Love With You
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Three Gray Wall
8. If I Had A Boat
9. Those Memories Of You
10. I Want You To Want Me
11. Ain't It Funny What I Fool Will Do
12. Standing In The Need Of Love
13. I've Just Seen The Rock Of Age
14. God Will
Faixas do CD 6: Janiva Magness
1. That's What Love Will Make You Do
2. I Want A Love
3. I'm Glad You're Mine
4. Bitter Pill
5. Foll Me Again
6. Get It, Get It
7. One Heartache Too Late
8. You Sound Pretty Good
9. I Don't Want You On My Mind
10. Don't Do It
11. I Wont Be Around
12. Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door
13. Sometimes You Got To Gamble
Faixas do CD 7: Hound Dog Taylor
1. Wild About You, Baby
2. Sem-As-Shun
3. She' Gone
4. It Hurts Me Too
5. What'd I Say?
6. One More Time
7. Sadie
8. The Dog Meets The Wolf
9. Walking The Ceiling
10. Sitting At Home Alone
11. Phillips Screwdriver
12. Gonna Sed You Back O Georgia
13. Things Don't Work Out Right
14. See Me In The Evening
Faixas do CD 8: Mavis Staples
1. Step Into The Light
2. Pops Recipe
3. Have A Little Faith
4. God Is Not Sleeping
5. A Dying Man's Plea
6. Ain't No Better Than You
7. I Wanna Thank You
8. I Still Believe In You
9. At The End Of The Day
10. There's A Devil On The Loose
11. In Times Like These
12. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Faixas do CD 9: Corky's Siegels
1. Opus 17.2
2. Five Planets In Harmonica
3. Manhattan Island
4. Serenade
5. The Woofy Girl Stroll
6. Train
7. Opus 4
Faixas do CD 10: Guitar Short
1. We The People
2. What Good Is Life?
3. I Got Your Number
4. Runaway Train
5. Down That Road Again
6. Fine Cadillac
7. Can't Get Enough
8. A Hurt So Old
9. Who Needs You?
10. Blues In My Blood
11. Cost Of Livin
12. Sonic Boom
Faixas do CD 11: Charlie Musselwhite
1. Rambler's Blues
2. Dig The Pain
3. The Well
4. Where Hwy 61 Runs
5. Sad And Beautiful World
6. Sonny Payne Special
7. Good Times
8. Just You, Just Blues
9. Cadillac Women
10. Hoodoo Queen
11. Clarksdale Getaway
12. Cook County Blues
13. Sorcerer's Dream
Faixas do CD 12: James Cotton
1. Buried Alive In The Blues
2. Heard You’re Getting Married
3. Find Yourself Another Fool
4. Sad Sad Day
5. Change
6. How Blue Can You Get?
7. With The Quickness
8. Since I Met You, Baby
9. Going Down Main Street
10. That’s All Right
11. Let Yourself Go
12. Blues For Koko
12. Cook County Blues
13. Sorcerer's Dream
Faixas do CD 13: Lil Ed And The Blues Imperials
1. Hold That Train
2. Housekeeping Job
3. Don't Call Me
4. Check My Baby's Oil
5. First I Look At The Purse
6. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
7. Life Got In The Way
8. Candy Sweet
9. Woman, Take A Bow
10. My Baby Moves Me
11. Dying To Live
12. Open Invitation
13. Every Man Needs A Good Woman
14. Take Five
Faixas do CD 14: Rick Estrin
1. Big Time
2. Back From The Dead
3. U B U
4. Walk All Day
5. Catchin' Hell
6. Earthquake
7. P.A. Slim Is Back
8. A Ton Of Money
9. Take It Slow
10. I'm Takin' Out My In-Laws
11. Cool Breeze
12. You Can't Come Back
13. Someone, Somewhere
14. Bigfoot
Faixas do CD 15: Zydeco
1. When The Levee Breaks
2. The Wrong Side
3. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
4. Don’t Leave Me
5. Back In Your Arms
6. Throw Me Something, Mister
7. Lay Your Burden Down
8. Time Goes By
9. Ninth Place
10. Too Much Time
11. Finding My Way Back Home
12. Sorcerer's Dream


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