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Being Global - How To Think, Act, And Lead In a Transformed World (Cód: 3979070)

Unruh, Gregory; Cabrera,Angel

Harvard Business Review Press

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Being Global - How To Think, Act, And Lead In a Transformed World



Why do we need global leaders? The voyage of a pair of blue jeans, from inception to product release, offers a glimpse into the inexorably international and complex world of business today:

The cotton may be picked from Peruvian or Ugandan fields, shipped to China for finishing, and then sent to Malaysia to be woven into yarn. The yarn goes to Thailand where the fabric is made, and the fabric is cut in Singapore before it is sent to Indonesia for sewing. Labels come from India. Zippers from Hong Kong. Thread from Malaysia. Buttons and rivets from Taiwan. The range of countries and systems involved in this production demonstrates that business in most industries (automotive and electronics, food and pharma) has become inescapably linked across borders.

But it’s more than mastering geography and culture that makes a leader today a different breed. You must master the complex mindset and competencies needed to lead in today’s fully globalized world. No easy task.

Enter Ángel Cabrera and Gregory Unruh of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which has been cited by Financial Times, U.S. News and World Report, and The Economist for its authority on global business. In Being Global, the authors set a new context for global leadership, vividly illustrating both the challenges and opportunities facing today’s executives. How can you be effective? What new skills must be learned to be successful? What do international teams to stay connected yet produce results regionally?

Being Global is written for leaders at all levels of their careers whether in big business or small, in society or government—who aspire to think and act globally, and who need some help getting there. Being a global citizen is just the starting point today. Cabrera and Unruh provide the tools and guidance to help you develop even deeper leadership skills, to benefit both you and your organization.


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Marca Harvard Business Review Press
I.S.B.N. 9781422183229
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Ano da edição 2012
AutorUnruh, Gregory; Cabrera,Angel