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Business Secrets From The Bible - Spiritual Success Strategies For Financial Abundance (Cód: 9396814)

Lapin, Daniel

John Wiley & Sons

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Find success in finance, friendships, and spirituality with the advice of a well-known expert It's safe to say that nearly everyone is seeking a happier, more successful life. So then why do so few attain it? Business Secrets from the Bible proposes a new way to view and approach success--one based upon key concepts from the Bible that are actually surprisingly simple. Written especially for those seeking success in the realms of money, relationships, and spirituality, this book encourages readers to realize their common mistakes, come to terms with them, and turn those mistakes into future triumphs. Filled with concrete advice for improved finances, spirituality, and connection, this resource takes a practical approach and aims to change not just the minds, but the actions of readers with a self-evident and persuasive pathway. Drawing on his wisdom and knowledge of the Bible, the author reveals the clear link between making money and spirituality, and urges readers to focus on self-discipline, integrity, and character strength in order to achieve personal prosperity. Special emphasis is given to establishing positive attitudes toward making money and adopting effective Biblically-based strategies. Demonstrates how earnings and profits are God's reward for forming relationships with others and serving them Stresses the importance of service, sharing, change, leadership, and creating boundaries and structures Encourages readers to focus on other people's desires and teaches why and how to make connections with many people Suggests ways for readers to transform themselves and continue toward success even in the face of fear and uncertainty Attaining wealth and well-being is no longer a mystery. Let this book identify and correct the errors that are keeping you from fulfillment and happiness. We are often blameless for misfortune we may suffer in health and family matters, but money is different. Today’s money problems are nearly always the result of wrong decisions we made yesterday. In Business Secrets from the Bible, Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals the right decisions that his people have so effectively made over centuries. God’s plan for human economic interaction has always been central to Jewish thought. Now, finally we all can understand it and apply it in our own lives. Business Secrets from the Bible distills forty powerful permanent principles from the vast body of Jewish Biblical wisdom, all of which are essential for increasing revenue in today’s business climate. Rabbi Lapin researched and wrote this book after discovering how few people realize that the Bible contains the keys to increasing income. Business Secrets from the Bible contains all the tips, tools, and techniques you need to create your own opportunities and ride them all the way to the top. Rabbi Lapin provides the reader of Business Secrets from the Bible with a colossal competitive edge by explaining, among many other insights, why making money is a spiritual activity and why God put us on Earth to do what we do best. But that is just the start. In this book you will not only thrill to timeless truths but you will discover the stunningly simple strategies to put them into practice increasing your earnings. Whether or not you follow the Jewish faith, and regardless of your belief in the Bible, Business Secrets from the Bible will change the way you think about money, and help you make more of it. PRAISE FOR Business Secrets from the Bible “Rabbi Lapin’s first book, Thou Shall Prosper, is one of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing books I’ve read in the past decade. I’m so excited that he’s now turned that same meticulous biblical lens toward our view of business. I read everything Rabbi Lapin writes!”—DAVE RAMSEY, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host “Making real money is not what will allow you to do the right things; it is the result of doing those right things in the first place. Rabbi Daniel Lapin teaches what those right things are in this bold and eye-opening book that takes readers through the forty steps of Biblical abundance.”—GLENN BECK, #1 best-selling author of Miracles and Massacres and founder of “No one makes a more passionate, persuasive case than Rabbi Daniel Lapin for applying the timeless wisdom of Scripture to the timely challenges of modern life. This wise, wonderful book helps point the way to productivity and peace of mind for individuals as well as society at large.”—MICHAEL MEDVED, best-selling author of 5 Big Lies About American Business, speaker, and host of the nationally syndicated Medved Radio Show “Rabbi Lapin is one of the smartest men I know. The world that he guides us through is a world in which ancient truths unlock today's riches. I have learned to trust him for spiritual guidance and, now, I trust him to guide Americans to prosperity, as well. This book is a gift that will keep on paying dividend—literally.”—KEITH ABLOW, MD, contributor, Fox News, New York Times best-selling author Eternal wisdom for present-day professionals For thousands of years, the Bible has guided its enthusiasts in all their endeavors, and finance is no exception. With his knowledge of ancient Jewish wisdom, Rabbi Daniel Lapin has extracted 40 business secrets from the pages of humanity’s most trusted volume. In Business Secrets from the Bible, the Rabbi teaches these timeless truths with clarity so you can apply them to business and beyond. In this book, Rabbi Lapin explains how business is a way of measuring our interactions with others, and how the Bible guides us to serve them for mutual gain. Only by unifying business, relationships, and spirituality can we achieve lasting financial and personal success. If you focus on business and hard work but can’t understand why you aren’t more successful, this book is for you. Business Secrets from the Bible will gently take you from confusion to abundance in forty simple steps.


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Marca John Wiley & Sons
Cód. Barras 9781118749104
Altura 23.90 cm
I.S.B.N. 9781118749104
Profundidade 2.64 cm
Referência 024738900
Acabamento Capa dura
Ano da edição 2014
Idioma Inglês
Peso 0.51 Kg
Largura 15.80 cm
AutorLapin, Daniel


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Business Secrets From The Bible - Spiritual Success Strategies For Financia... (Cód: 9396814) Business Secrets From The Bible - Spiritual Succes... (Cód: 9396814)
R$ 553,10
Business Secrets From The Bible - Spiritual Success Strategies For Financia... (Cód: 9396814) Business Secrets From The Bible - Spiritual Succes... (Cód: 9396814)
R$ 553,10