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Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide (Cód: 2967368)



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This book describes what cancer is - and the two ways of conceptualizing cancer; what the mainstream approaches are - and the pros and cons of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. It evaluates cancer research and explains some of the defects of the current situation. Having laid the foundations, this book then gives a detailed description of what the alternative approaches are: the tests you might want to consider, the detox regimes, the diets, vitamins, herbs, supplements, machines and other therapies that could give you a better than 90% chance of recovery from cancer. Yes, it's true. The exciting truth is there are dozens of cures for cancer. But you can't do them if you don't know what they are - and you won't do them if you are not convinced they are the best way of dealing with your cancer. 'I devoured the entire [book] in one sitting. As I read, hope grew and grew. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gave us hope when all we could see was despair and you gave us a path when we thought all was lost.' - Mrs Colleen Crim 'I now can recommend your book to the people in my support group as 'the' book to read. You have covered just about everything that I have read, and it took me over twenty books and innumerable downloads to do it. The book is more precious than gold!' - Richard Thompson 'This book tells me everything I want to know. Why didn't my doctor tell me this?' - Rev. Bill Newbern 'First of all let me say: Congratulations on your superb book!... Let me say immediately that your book is authoritative, reputable, and much more comprehensive and better balanced than the vast majority of other books on the topic. Also, it has much valuable material that I don't recall seeing in any other book. The book would strongly appeal to cancer patients and their families. ... the tone is engaging and lively and will appeal to anyone sympathetic to alternative approaches to cancer. You have succeeded in making a complicated subject accessible.' - Leonard S. Rosenbaum, M.A., Board of Dirs., Intl. Assn. of Cancer Victors & Friends 'Mr Chamberlain has a voice that is at once humble and powerful. I like writers that cut to the chase, and then do not skimp on the practical details... and I really like his attitude. He speaks from the heart, but clearly wants you to use your head. Good combination.' - Andrew Saul PhD., The Doctor Yourself Newsletter


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Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide (Cód: 2967368) Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide (Cód: 2967368)
R$ 83,41
Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide (Cód: 2967368) Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide (Cód: 2967368)
R$ 83,41