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Coleção MP3- Benny Goodman (Cód: 2864256)

Benny Goodman

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Coleção MP3- Benny Goodman



Benny Goodman, foi um clarinetista e músico de jazz conhecido como 'O Rei do Swing', 'Patriarca da Clarineta', 'O Professor' e 'Mestre do Swing'.Quando Benny tinha 10 anos, seu pai inscreveu a ele e dois irmãos mais velhos para terem aulas de música na sinagoga Jacob Kehelah. No ano seguinte ele ingressou na banda de garotos da casa de caridade de Jane Addams, onde recebeu lições do diretor James Sylvester. Também foi importante durante este período os dois anos de aprendizado com o professor de clarinetas Franz SchoeppIncrível, 200 faixas e 9,7 horas do melhor de Benny Goodman em apenas um CD em gravações originais remasterizadas.

Faixas do CD 1:

1. Georgia Jubilee (Schutt-Goodman)
2. Junk Man (Meyer-Loesser)
3. Ol' Pappy (Neiburg-Symes-Levinson)
4. Emaline (Perkins-Parish)
5. I Ain't Lazy - I'm Just Dreamin' (Franklin)
6. As Long As I Live (Arlen-Koehler)
7. Moon Glow (Hudson)
8. Breakfast Ball (Arlen-Koehler)
9. Take My Word (Carter-Mills-Pease)
10. It Happens To The Best Of Friends (Parish-Bloom)
11. Nitwit Serenade (Hudson)
12. Bugle Call Rag (Pettis-Mills-Schoebel)
13. Learning (Symes-Neiburg-Levinson)
14. Stars Fell On Alabama (Parish-Perkins)
15. Solitude (Ellington)
16. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You (Washington-Bassman)
17. I'm A Hundred Per Cent For You (Oakland-Parish-Mills)
18. Cokey (Edmundson)
19. Like A Bolt From The Blue (Oakland-Parish-Mills)
20. Music Hall Rag (Goodman)
21. The Dixieland Band (Mercer-Hanighen)
22. Blue Moon (Rogers-Hart)
23. Throwin' Stones At The Sun (Simon-Heston-Mysels)
24. Down Home Rag (Sweatman)
25. Singing A Happy Song (Meskill-Stern)
26. Clouds (Kahn-Donaldson)
27. I Was Lucky (Meskill-Stern)
28. Night Wind (Rothberg-Pollack)
29. Hunkadola (Yellen-Friend-Meyer)
30. I'm Living In A Great Big Way (McHugh-Fields)
31. Hooray For Love (McHugh-Fields)
32. The Dixieland Band (Mercer-Hanighen)
33. Japanese Sandman (Egan-Whiting)
34. You're A Heavenly Thing (Young-Little)
35. Restless (Satterfield-Coslow)
36. Always (Berlin)
37. Get Rhythm In Your Feet (And Music In Your Soul) (Robinson-Livingston)
38. Ballad In Blue (Carmichael)39. Blue Skies (Berlin)
40. Dear Old Southland (Creamer-Layton)
41. Sometimes l'm Happy (Caesar-Youmans)
42. King Porter (Morton)
43. (You Got Me In Between) The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Koehler-Arlen)
44. Jingle Bells (Pierpont)
45. Santa Claus Came In The Spring (Mercer)
46. Good-Bye (Jenkins)47. Madhouse (Mundy)
48. Sandman (Freed-Lake)
49. Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town (Freed-Hanighen)
50. No Other One (Seymour-Lawnhurst)
51. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo (Mercer-Malneck)
52. Basin Street Blues (Williams)
53. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (Johnson)
54. When Buddha Smiles (Brown-Freed)
55. It`s Been So Long (Donaldson-Adamson)
56. Stompin' At The Savoy (Goodman-Webb-Sampson-Razaf)
57. Goody-Goody (Mercer-Malneck)
58. Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes (Franklin-Sept-Washington)
59. Get Happy (Koehler-Arlen)
60. Christopher Columbus (Razaf-Berry)
61. I Know That You Know (Caldwell-Youmans)
62. Stardust (Carmichael-Parish)
63. You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes (Mencher-Newman-Ager)
64. The Glory Of Love (Hill)
65. Remember (Berlin)
66. Walk, Jennie, Walk (Schafer-Wooding-Creamer)
67. House Hop (Goodman-Mundy)
68. Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance) (Adams-Carmichael)
69. (I Would Do) Anything For You (Hill-Hopkins-Williams)
70. These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You (Marvell-Strachey-Link)
71. In A Sentimental Mood (Kurtz-Mills-Ellington)
72. I´ve Found A New Baby (Palmer-Williams)
73. Swingtime In The Rockies (Goodman-Mundy)
74. House Hop (Goodman-Mundy)
75. There´s A Small Hotel (Rodgers-Hart)
76. You Turned The Tables On Me (Alter-Mitchell)
77. Here´s Love In Your Eyes (Rainger-Robin)
78. Pick Yourself Up (Kern-Field)
79. Down South Camp Meeting (Henderson)
80. St. Louis Blues (Handy)
81. Love Me Or Leave Me (Donaldson-Kahn)
82. Bugle Call Rag (Pettis-Meyers-Schoebel)
83. When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South (Krakauer-Cleary-Oppenheim)
84. You're Giving Me A Song And A Dance (Ager-Symes)
85. Organ Grinder's Swing (Hudson-Parish-Mills)
86. Peter Piper (Whiting-Mercer)
87. Riffin' At The Ritz (Miller)
88. Alexander's Ragtime Band (Berlin)
89. Somebody Loves Me (Gershwin-McDonald-DeSylva)
90. T'aint't No Use (Lane-Magidson)
91. Bugle Call Rag (Pettis-Meyers-Schoebel)
92. Jam Session (Mundy)
93. Goodnight, My Love (Level-Gordon)
94. Take Another Guess (Mencher-Newman-Sherman)
95. Did You Mean It? (Greer-Dixon)
96. Sweet Sue - Just You (Young-Harris)
97. My Melancholy Baby (Norton-Burnett)
98. When You And I Were Young, Maggie (Butterfield)
99. Gee! But You're Swell (Baer-Tobias)
100. Smoke Dreams (Brown-Freed)
101. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (trad.)
102. He Ain't Got Rhythm (Berlin)
103. Never Should Have Told You (Franklin-Friend)
104. This Year's Kisses (Berlin)
105. You Can Tell She Comes From Dixie (Ager-Symes)
106. Goodnight, My Love (Revel-Gordon)
107. I Want To Be Happy (Youmans-Caesar)
108. Chloe (Moret-Kahn)
109. Rosetta (Woode-Hines)
110. Peckin' (James-Pollack)
111. Can't We Be Friends ? (Swift-James)
112. Sing, Sing, Sing (Part 1) (Prima)
113. Sing, Sing, Sing (Part 2) (Prima)
114. Roll 'Em (Williams)
115. When It's Sleepy-Time Down South (Rene-Rene-Muse)
116. Afraid To Dream (Revel-Gordon)
117. Changes (Donaldson)
118. Bob White (Hanighen-Mercer)
119. Sugar Foot Stomp (Oliver-Armstrong)
120. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby (McHugh-Fields)
121. Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day (Arlen-Koehler)
122. Let That Be A Lesson To You (Whiting-Mercer)
123. Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks (Whiting-Mercer)
124. I've Hitched My Wagon To A Star (Whiting-Mercer)
125. Pop-Corn Man (Hudson-Klein-Livingston)
126. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart (Rainger-Robin)
127. Mama, That Moon Is Here Again (Rainger-Robin)
128. Loch Lomond (arr. Thornhill)
129. Camel Hop (Williams)
130. True Confession (Hollander-Coslow)
131. Life Goes To A Party (James-Goodman)
132. It's Wonderful (Smith)
133. Thanks For The Memory (Rainger-Robin)
134. Life Goes To A Party (James-Goodman)
135. If Dreams Come True (Sampson)
136. I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water (Whiting-Mercer)
137. Sweet Stranger (Ager-Yellen)
138. Don't Be That Way (Sampson-Goodman)
139. Please Be Kind (Cahn-Chaplin)
140. One O'Clock Jump (Basie)
141. Ti-Pi-Tin (Grever)
142. oooOO-Oh Boom ! (Riley)
143. Always And Always (Wright-Forrest-Ward)
144. Make Believe (Kern-Hammerstein II)
145. The Blue Room (Rodgers-Hart)
146. It's The Dreamer In Me (Dorsey-Van Heusen)
147. Lullaby In Rhythm (Hirsch-Sampson-Profit-Goodman)
148. I Never Knew (Kahn-Fiorito)
149. That Feeling Is Gone (Hirsch-Wallace)
150. Sweet Sue - Just You (Harris-Young)
151. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Nemo-Redmond-Ellington-Mills)
152. Feelin' High And Happy (Koehler-Bloom)
153. Why'd Ya Make Me Fall In Love? (Donaldson)
154. Don't Wake Up My Heart (Lewis-Meyer-Wendling)
155. (I've Been) Saving Myself For You (Cahn-Chaplin)
156. Big John Special (Henderson)
157. My Melancholy Baby (Norton-Burlett)
158. Wrappin' It Up (Henderson)
159. What Goes On Here In My Heart? (Robin-Rainger)
160. A Little Kiss At Twilight (Robin-Rainger)
161. The Flat Foot Floogee (Gaillard-Stewart-Green)
162. I've Got A Date With A Dream (Gordon-Revel)
163. Could You Pass In Love? (Gordon-Revel)
164. Blue Interlude (Carter-Kurk-Mills)
165. When I Go A-Dreamin' (Reichner-Boland)
166. You're A Sweet Little Headache (Robin-Rainger)
167. I Have Eyes (Robin-Rainger)
168. Margie (Davis-Conrad)
169. What Have You Got That Gets Me? (Robin-Rainger)
170. Russian Lullaby (Berlin)
171. Is That The Way To Treat A Sweetheart? (Simon-Tobias)
172. I Had To Do It (Razaf-Waller)
173. You're Lovely, Madame (Robin-Rainger)
174. Bumble Bee Stomp (Henderson-Woode)
175. Ciribiribin (Pestalozza)
176. This Can't Be Love (Hart-Rodgers)
177. Sing For Your Supper (Hart-Rodgers)
178. Topsy (Durham-Battle)
179. Smoke House Rhythm (Goodman-Norman)
180. I Must See Annie Tonight (Friend-Franklin)
181. Kinda Lonesome (Robin-Coslow-Carmichael)
182. My Honey's Lovin' Arms (Ruby-Meyer)
183. Farewell Blues (Schoebel-Mares-Rappolo)
184. It Had To Be You (Kahn-Jones)
185. Louise (Robin-Whiting)
186. Whispering (Schonburger-Cobum-Rose)
187. Bach Goes To Town (Templeton)
188. l'll Always Be In Love With You (Ruby-Green-Stept)
189. Undecided (Robin-Shavers)
190. We'll Never Know (Berlin)
191. Good For Nothin' But Love (DeLange-Van Heusen)
192. Blue Lou (Sampson)
193. The Blues (trad.)
194. Shut-Eye (Mercer-Donaldson)
195. Cuckoo In The Clock (Mercer-Donaldson)
196. And The Angels Sing (Mercer-Elman)
197. Sent For You Yesterday (Rushing-Durham-Basie)
198. A Home In The Clouds (Parker-Goodman-Henderson-Carter)
199. Estrellita (Ponce-La Forge)
200. Peace, Brother! (Van Heusen-DeLange)


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Altura 21.00 cm
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AutorBenny Goodman