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Counting Processes and Survival Analysis (Cód: 9289894)

Fleming, Thomas R.; Harrington, David P.

Wiley (Digital)

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The Wiley-Interscience Paperback Series consists of selected books that have been made more accessible to consumers in an effort to increase global appeal and general circulation. With these new unabridged softcover volumes, Wiley hopes to extend the lives of these works by making them available to future generations of statisticians, mathematicians, and scientists.

'The book is a valuable completion of the literature in this field. It is written in an ambitious mathematical style and can be recommended to statisticians as well as biostatisticians.'
-Biometrische Zeitschrift

'Not many books manage to combine convincingly topics from probability theory over mathematical statistics to applied statistics. This is one of them. The book has other strong points to recommend it: it is written with meticulous care, in a lucid style, general results being illustrated by examples from statistical theory and practice, and a bunch of exercises serve to further elucidate and elaborate on the text.'
-Mathematical Reviews

'This book gives a thorough introduction to martingale and counting process methods in survival analysis thereby filling a gap in the literature.'
-Zentralblatt f?r Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete/Mathematics Abstracts

'The authors have performed a valuable service to researchers in providing this material in [a] self-contained and accessible form. . . This text [is] essential reading for the probabilist or mathematical statistician working in the area of survival analysis.'
-Short Book Reviews, International Statistical Institute

Counting Processes and Survival Analysis explores the martingale approach to the statistical analysis of counting processes, with an emphasis on the application of those methods to censored failure time data. This approach has proven remarkably successful in yielding results about statistical methods for many problems arising in censored data. A thorough treatment of the calculus of martingales as well as the most important applications of these methods to censored data is offered. Additionally, the book examines classical problems in asymptotic distribution theory for counting process methods and newer methods for graphical analysis and diagnostics of censored data. Exercises are included to provide practice in applying martingale methods and insight into the calculus itself.


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Marca Wiley (Digital)
Cód. Barras 9781118150665
Início da Venda 06/03/2016
Coleção / Série Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Pdf
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Número da edição 1
Idioma 337
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Número de Páginas 448 (aproximado)
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AutorFleming, Thomas R.; Harrington, David P.


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Counting Processes and Survival Analysis (Cód: 9289894) Counting Processes and Survival Analysis (Cód: 9289894)
R$ 230,57
Counting Processes and Survival Analysis (Cód: 9289894) Counting Processes and Survival Analysis (Cód: 9289894)
R$ 230,57