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Crystal - The Lost Seal (Cód: 8209865)

Aris Lira


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Cartão Saraiva:


In a land of one was unknown, a meteorite falls on the Earth, in a sea in the region of Orion, after years, there, in an obscure part of the ocean where the meteorite fell, something within the same begins to shine, this is a crystal, and within this crystal, a seal, with an unknown symbol in the same begins to emit a glow as if you were retrieving their energy, it makes him spread his essence, which causes a kind of change in the natural cycle, which makes it possible that creatures start to be born on Earth without the little population didn't know about its origins, believing they are demons from hell. Not only that but also weirdly abnormal temperature region presents, the Sun disappeared from the sky, being inside caves extremely hot, that threatens much of the population of a city, which soon becomes a simple village.
Taking notice of the existence of this dangerous object, a secret conspiratorial organization begins to spread its members to search in order to find this artifact, they have the plan to create magical portals, as well as use their gear to keep all possible contact to meet him, their goal is simple, to use the power that this artifact has for global dominance.
And here begins the premisse...


Produto sob encomenda Sim
Marca publique-se!
Cód. Barras 1503034313
Início da Venda 21/10/2014
Coleção / Série The Lost Seal
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Pdf
Gratuito Não
Proteção Drm Sim
Idioma 337
Código do Formato Pdf
Ano da Publicação 114
Peso 0.00 Kg
AutorAris Lira


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Crystal - The Lost Seal (Cód: 8209865) Crystal - The Lost Seal (Cód: 8209865)
R$ 20,00
Crystal - The Lost Seal (Cód: 8209865) Crystal - The Lost Seal (Cód: 8209865)
R$ 20,00