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Divinity In Chains (Cód: 3014501)



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R$ 8,45
Cartão Saraiva R$ 8,45

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In the beginning there is always darkness. Aramon's blood runs hot for the ravishingly beautiful Eliyn, the mysterious young woman who seemed to appear like magic out of the woods, lost and alone. But as Garde Lumia of the kingdom of Kinra, he is bound by duty to his country and the divine family he has sworn to protect. Aramon must marry according to his high station, the laws of the kingdom have no care for the desires of his heart. Eliyn lost the only family she has ever known to the barbaric Viscans, and is grateful to the royal family for taking in. She knows Aramon would willingly defy his king to bond with her if she would only say the word, but she is mindful of her low-born status. All she can ever have of him are nights of forbidden passion. Then a dark ship appears on the horizon, a ship bearing Araqael, the Night Lord cast from the heavens by the goddess herself. The centerpiece of his plot for revenge is his intended bride-Eliyn. The world would be hers to command if only she would take her place at his side. She must choose between the demon who could offer her everything and the man who could offer her nothing but his heart. But Divinity has other plans.


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Cód. Barras 9785551821786
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Idioma Inglês
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Divinity In Chains (Cód: 3014501) Divinity In Chains (Cód: 3014501)
R$ 8,45
Divinity In Chains (Cód: 3014501) Divinity In Chains (Cód: 3014501)
R$ 8,45