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Dreams are the spice of life (Cód: 4982527)

Daniel Ribeiro Kaltenbach


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Dreams are the spice of life



What is the objective of life? What is the meaning of what we do each day from the moment we wake until the time we go to sleep? Why do we sometimes feel emptiness in our souls or have a feeling that something very important is still lacking in our lives? Why do many see work as a burden, fearing the approach of another Monday, while others seem to love what they do?
In search of these and other answers related to “personal satisfaction,” many believe they are unsatisfied because they chose the wrong profession. Despite this, they continue to focus on it because of a supposed lack of options. Others want to believe that they are on the right path, but think they will only be happy when they reach what they call “success” in their careers.
Recent research has shown that approximately 50% of the population believes they are unhappy because they cannot manage to achieve what they seek in life. What, then, is the secret to reaching this so desired personal satisfaction?
This is a story based on real life facts and spiritual facts in the world around us. This is the achievement of a dream.
Written as a novel, pleasant to read and full of surprises with each chapter, this book is an alert not only to legal scholars, but also to any person entering the professional world who feels discontented with their profession. Deserved happiness does not hide behind diplomas or titles, but is the fruit of achieving the dreams that each human being cherishes in their heart.
The Author discusses this mystery with great simplicity, demonstrating that the answers are not always as far as they might seem. Actually, they are frequently right beneath our noses, and to find happiness is not only a dream, but also the main objective of Man on Earth.
Sergio, the main character, is another of these cases. He is a lawyer who had achieved all that any professional colleague would have wished for, however, he this did not bring him happiness. As he discovered the Spice of Life that surrounds us, he abandoned everything in search of happiness hidden behind a so-called impossible dream: to become and astronaut.
If the origins, dreams, and destinies of each person are different, the ways to achieve them are not.


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Idioma Inglês
Acabamento e-book
Territorialidade Brasil
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Início da Venda 18/07/2013
Cód. Barras 9788561159245
AutorDaniel Ribeiro Kaltenbach