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Driven by Obsession (Cód: 8065179)

Vere-compton, Richard


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Driven by Obsession




This would make an ideal film script. The virtue of the intense imagery means that storyboarding, almost every scene, is already there in ones minds eye. The story contains almost every element of human emotion, greed, romance, lust, envy, hatred, friendship, and betrayal. All with just a handful of 'cast' members. Later chapters pick up on clues left in earlier ones, which act as hooks pulling threads through the entire plot. Throughout the serious plot, there are almost throw away, priceless, 'one liners' that add to the readers/watchers pleasure. The very fact that the 'leading lady' had hopes of going to RADA, lends itself to the ideal players, cast, stars, call them what you will, being composed of relative 'unknowns' from the acting profession. It would seem to do poetic justice to the memory of 'Maggie, the heroine.

About the Author

I am writing this at the behest of Richard, who I have worked closely with for the past 18 months, during which time 'we have rattled a few cages' and Richard has tilted at a good few windmills.

Although our acquaintanceship goes back over 10 years I jumped at the opportunity to transfer his archives into electronic format, a task that I have only scratched the surface of, as it is with great reluctance that I must pass the baton on to others.

As in all archiving activities, the amount of hard copy accumulated over 35 years by Richard in his capacity as a creative market consultant is vast and hugely diverse. The promotion of which has had some label him a snake oil salesman, selling his wares on the back of gloom and doom.

The emperor's magic suit of clothes and a charlatan parroting scientific gobbledegook are labels that he has worn with pride, befitting his projected persona of a mild eccentric, which is a mask for his preferred preference to remain an enigma and as such treats all his dealings with others with the sanctity of a confessional.

Under my stewardship only the last 10 years of his copyrighted material and IPR are available; and these are contained in the folder 'Save The World 2006/2007'. This folder is dedicated to those who are suitably motivated to delegate others to dive into this Aladdin's cave of intellectual 'wonderment'


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Idioma 337
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Ano da Publicação 109
AutorVere-compton, Richard