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Electromagnetic And Quantum Measurements (Cód: 6326207)

Tore Wessel-Berg


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Electromagnetic And Quantum Measurements



This book presents a generalization of electromagnetism into the bitemporal microcosm, where by hypothesis regular causal relationships do not apply, and time is allowed to flow in both directions. Labeled the
Neo-classical Electromagnetic Theory, the proposition is put on a sound formal footing by noting that Maxwell's field equations are valid for positive as well as negative time. The book explores the
ramifications of the extra degree of freedom arising from incorporation of negative time elements, which introduce additional boundary conditions modifying orthodox quantum interpretations in a nontrivial way. The theory
provides a merger of electromagnetism and quantum theory of photons, applicable to macroscopic as well as microscopic phenomena. Avoiding the hand-waving arguments so often encountered in quantum texts, the book presents
detailed analyses of a number of well-known and famous quantum experiments riddled with interpretational dilemmas, such as the double-slit experiments for photons and electrons, the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox,
and many more. The investigations turned out to be a fascinating journey into largely unexplored territory, with rewards in the way of resolutions of bizarre puzzles and paradoxes in the quantum family, together with
consistent agreements with existing experimental facts. In examples from the macroscopic domain, the book proposes a photonic origin of the enigmatic 1/f noise occurring in all active electronic
components and devices, a proposition supported by detailed analysis consistent with existing empirical data. Incorporation of negative time elements into the field equations gives rise to the concept of photon
doublets, a composite entity consisting of a bitemporal photon pair of zero net energy, which in the neo-classical theory fills all vacuum space. In this theory the doublet entities replace the so-called Zero Point
Fluctuations of conventional quantum theory, which predicts infinite energy density of the vacuum state, an embarrassing concept remaining a puzzle to contemporary physicists, as well as to cosmologists. From
its electromagnetic platform the Neo-classical Theory takes the consistent view that quantum phenomena are objective entities, describing these in an overall theoretical framework that can be characterized as an
observer-independent quantum theory. From this viewpoint alone the book is an important contribution to the ongoing debate of the true interpretation of the quantum world.


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I.S.B.N. 9780792372578
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Ano da edição 2000
AutorTore Wessel-Berg