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Frank (Cód: 3011559)



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How can anyone choose the correct fork in life's road when each choice leads to a damnation of sorts? When Frank Daceasy starts working at Lynnwood, a small housing development near Raleigh, North Carolina, everything seems to take a turn for the better. The new head carpenter soon gains the respect and admiration of everyone he meets. But a normal background check on Frank turns up not a checkered past, but no past at all. How is it that a person can walk in this modern-day world leaving nary a trace? That's a question eventually chased by the government itself after it is inadvertently tipped off by one of Frank's inquisitive co-workers. Said co-worker is ultimately amazed to discover just how long Frank's past is. Frank's road never had any forks, until he meets local veterinarian Elaine Azerian-who falls in love with him almost at first sight. As the two draw warily ever closer, Frank quickly realizes that his growing affection for Elaine is at odds with his mission in life and that he must put a stop to it.


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Cód. Barras 9785551604365
Territorialidade Internacional
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Idioma Inglês
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Frank (Cód: 3011559) Frank (Cód: 3011559)
R$ 8,49
Frank (Cód: 3011559) Frank (Cód: 3011559)
R$ 8,49