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Invisible Influence - The Power To Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (Cód: 9235188)

Hogan, Kevin

John Wiley & Sons

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''Invisible Influence' is a masterpiece in understanding the science of influence and how to take it from convincing to compelling. Kevin Hogan shows you in plain English how to understand, apply, and master the science of persuasion. The book is brilliant-- and you can be brilliantly persuasive. Buy the book, read the book, and implement the book.' --Jeffrey Gitomer, author of 'The Sales Bible' and 'The Little Book of Leadership' 'One eyebrow-raising, head-whacking, forehead-slapping technique after another. Anyone whose daily life depends on influencing people--in other words, everyone--should read this book. Buy copies for your friends and hide it from your enemies.' --Richard Brodie, author of 'Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme' 'Master persuaders know that it's not really about the words you use or the moves you make--other people get persuaded because of 'what you think' and 'how you feel.' Kevin Hogan explains in delightfully clear detail how to make these master-persuader secrets work for you. Not only that, he also explains 'why' all of this works, and he shows you the exact scientific research that proves it!' --David Garfinkel, author of 'Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich' ''Invisible Influence' is a masterpiece. It will be the master influencer's reference book for the years to come. Invisible influence is like oxygen, you can't see it, but your life depends on it. In this book, you will discover the persuasion tactics that will compel your clients to say yes to you--again and again.' --Roberto Monaco, 'Dump the script--it's old news before the ink's dry. Trust yourself and use your new understanding of the ever-changing context to succeed. In his fascinating book, Hogan weaves established research findings into a handbook for successful influence. The guidelines are obvious but hidden, simple but profound. Understand them and you've mastered the complex and crucial art of persuasion.' --William D. Crano, author of 'The Rules of Influence: Winning When You're in the Minority' 'Many write on the topic of persuasion. Precious few genuinely understand it. Kevin is one of those precious few. Read everything you can by him.' --Mark Joyner, founder and CEO of Simpleology, There are many moments in life when you have to ask someone a critical question that could determine your salary, whether you have a spouse, whether you get a job--your entire future. Do you know how to get the answer you want? Do you understand how much influence you actually have over your fate? The truth is, how that person is going to respond depends more on what's going on in 'your' head than it does on what's going on in theirs. Your expectations, the words you choose, the environment in which you ask these questions--so many factors that 'you' control--can determine whether you hear a 'yes' or a 'no.' 'Invisible Influence'shows you a step-by-step process to quietly persuade others to choose you or your product. Based on new scientific discoveries that reveal fascinating and unique approaches to influence, this book shows how people process their feelings about products, services, and people, and what mental shortcuts they use to make their choices. You'll learn how to incorporate 52 techniques for subliminally influencing others in order to sell, market, and communicate more effectively, including how to: Use questions early in a conversation to give the person a sense of control and you an opportunity to understand and deliver to their expectations Know how much information to give to someone Determine what people lose if they don't do business with you, and then leverage that knowledge Use photos in order to make yours a familiar, and therefore more attractive, face Recapture someone's attention Use stories to explain what statistics can't Help other people find meaning in their own actions and decisions And much more! 'Invisible Influence' also includes a 10-step influence template that you can follow for better results in negotiations. When you truly incorporate how you think about and approach communicating with other people, you'll find that you 'can' persuade anyone, anytime, anywhere to make decisions and take actions that benefit you.


Produto sob encomenda Sim
Marca John Wiley & Sons
Cód. Barras 9781118602256
Altura 23.52 cm
I.S.B.N. 9781118602256
Profundidade 2.24 cm
Referência 023466775
Acabamento Capa dura
Número da edição 1
Ano da edição 2013
Idioma Inglês
Número de Páginas 224
Peso 0.40 Kg
Largura 16.28 cm
AutorHogan, Kevin


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Invisible Influence - The Power To Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (Cód: 9235188) Invisible Influence - The Power To Persuade Anyone... (Cód: 9235188)
R$ 139,60
Invisible Influence - The Power To Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (Cód: 9235188) Invisible Influence - The Power To Persuade Anyone... (Cód: 9235188)
R$ 139,60