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Leading Across New Borders - How To Succeed As The Center Shifts (Cód: 9235044)

Gundling,Ernest; Caldwell,Christie; Cvitkovich,Karen

John Wiley & Sons

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Leading Across New Borders - How To Succeed As The Center Shifts


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An insightful, real-world look at the skills today's global leadership demands 'Leading Across Borders' is the leadership guide for the new business environment. The world's economic center of gravity is shifting at a rapid pace - huge emerging economies have already emerged. As businesses operate in an increasingly global context, the most successful leaders are able to see through the eyes of others and to hear the voices of customers and colleagues from around the world. They build their own personal networks, navigate differences, and work effectively across new borders - both the physical borders between countries and the limits of old leadership paradigms. This book features direct input from people in critical roles around the world, advice based on deep practical experience, and new data that identifies the distinctive challenges of leading in an environment becoming more thoroughly interdependent every day. There is valuable advice for anyone taking on a global leadership role. You'll find strategies and tools for working across cultures, leading inclusively, running a matrix team, innovating, integrating an acquisition, and making tough ethical choices. Each chapter challenges established leadership models and shares hard-won expertise in dealing effectively with a changing reality that includes both fast-growth and slow-growth markets. You will learn how to serve more numerous stakeholders and to achieve your goals in a complex organizational structure without having direct lines of authority. This insightful guide helps you work more effectively at the self, team, and organizational levels, so you can get things done and grow your business. The increasing importance of China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and other developing economies has opened the world of business leadership far beyond our own borders. This book gives you a framework for coordinating it all, and being the leader your organization needs. Operate insightfully at the personal level in order to better lead others Shape, motivate, and drive your global team to exceptional performance Navigate differences in culture, language, economics, and more Exercise your vision, influence, and expertise to lead your organization forward The trend toward global leadership has emerged full-blown amidst the rising global economy. Today's leadership must understand how to work effectively and efficiently across a variety of contexts. 'Leading Across Borders' provides a roadmap to the new leadership paradigm, helping you expand your own skillset and create forward momentum. The world is changing, with a huge economic shift occurring between the developed economies and those that have recently emerged or are on their way. It is vital for leaders everywhere to learn how to navigate this altered landscape skillfully. Previous assumptions must be considered from new vantage points as countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America assume far greater prominence as key growth markets and sources of talent. 'Leading Across New Borders' challenges common assumptions about critical everyday business topics such as global mindset, outsourcing, team facilitation, diversity and inclusion, due diligence, innovation, ethical integrity, and authentic leadership. This one-of-a-kind resource looks at examples both from current executives and from high-potential future leaders who are all striving to grow their business, make their operations more efficient, and cultivate future talent. Based on pragmatic, real-world examples, the book addresses the question, 'What must these leaders do to succeed in global organizations, often while serving many different stakeholders and without direct lines of authority?' It demonstrates how successful leaders integrate voices from customers and colleagues around the world into viable solutions. Most writings on leadership focus on competencies -- developing individual skills and characteristics to produce better results. 'Leading Across New Borders' focuses instead on key tasks, including knowledge and expertise that global leaders need to perform at the highest level. This book will help you to: Combine cultural awareness with subject matter expertise Move from outsourcing to leveraging global talent Position a matrix team for high performance Lead inclusively across multiple aspects of global diversity Integrate a cross-border merger or acquisition Innovate by combining superior global products, processes, and marketing Make difficult ethical choices for a sustainable future Find your own center as a leader with an eye to past, present, and future Grouping these tasks into three areas--self and other, team, and organization--the book examines current best practices with attention to their limitations in the global workspace, and offers innovative ideas and approaches for producing better results given the new realities of the global economy. Expert wisdom and technical advice come from practical, dedicated people in the field working for companies in a variety of industries and locations. Additionally, a wealth of hands-on tools and web-based resources enable you to put into practice what you learn: The GlobeSmart ProfileSM, a cultural inventory tool for quickly identifying your own cultural patterns based on five dimensions of culture Revealing new data gleaned from thousands of responses to the GlobeSmart ProfileSM and two proprietary surveys, the GlobeSmart Teaming AssessmentSM and the GlobeSmart Innovation AssessmentSM The Global Team Leader Checklist that highlights requirements for effective teamwork in a matrix organizational context, along with other specific tips and recommendations in each chapter Whether you are new to the global workspace or struggling to find solutions to dilemmas many leaders now face on their own journeys, you need knowledge that goes deeper than cultural generalizations or standard leadership competencies. 'Leading Across New Borders' provides first-hand, immediately applicable direction for interacting with your worldwide colleagues, enabling you to lead with insight, confidence, and success. PRAISE FOR 'LEADING ACROSS NEW BORDERS' 'What makes this book stand out from other books on leadership is that it is so thoroughly global in its approach. It challenges leaders and their organizations to embrace the big shift that is taking place in the world's center of economic gravity, from advanced to emerging economies.' --Pankaj Ghemawat, author of 'Redefining Global Strategy,' Anselmo Rubiralta Professor of Global Strategy, IESE Business School, Barcelona and Global Professor of Management and Strategy and Director of the Center for the Globalization of Education and Management, Stern School of Business, New York University 'The authors have captured trends that are moving faster than most of us realize and that are critical for global leaders to know and navigate.' --Terry Hogan, Director, Global Talent Management, Citi 'There is certainly a lot of chatter in the business community about globalization and its increasing impact on all of us. However, this is the first book I've seen that truly dives into how organizations can and should deal with these new dynamics. This is a comprehensive, practical and engaging playbook for operating in the new global environment. Anyone who runs a business with any aspect that crosses borders can benefit from reading this expertly written book.' --Jeff Rosenthal, CEO, UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education


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AutorGundling,Ernest; Caldwell,Christie; Cvitkovich,Karen