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Lost in a Labyrinth? - An Alternative Therapy for the Manic-Depressive (bipolar) Disorder (Cód: 8034848)



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Lost in a Labyrinth? - An Alternative Therapy for the Manic-Depressive (bipolar) Disorder


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Every human being has both mania and depression as part of his or her personality.This book describes an alternative therapy for the bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive. After suffering many long years with this disease, author Wolfgang Baitz has now lived the past 12 years without any psycho-chemicals, psycho-doctors or psycho-clinics whatsoever.On mania: Wolfgang claims that mania is, speaking in general terms, a positive force for human beings. He draws the comparison to a mustang out on the prairie which first has to be domesticated before it can be a valuable saddle horse. Not to enter into a pathological state of mania, those human beings who tend toward such pathological phases have to tame the mania by following certain rules which Wolfgang outlines in his book.Wolfgang likens the pathological state of mania to an orchestra in which the first violinist has taken over the place of the conductor. To kill the first violinist would not be the solution because the first violinist is a valuable part of the orchestra. Instead, the first violinist has to be placed back under the command of the conductor. In similar fashion, the human being has to place his manic part back under his control by widening his consciousness.On depression : Wolfgang claims that depression, again in general, is also a positive force for human beings. This statement has to be weighed from a philosophic perspective: A human being who honestly and truly believes in God cannot fall into a depression. In line with this statement, the solution is easy: The depressive person simply has to install a better belief system, one not to be found within the confines of any established religious organization. Wolfgangs 10-Step program to counter depression will come as a surprise to most readers.Partners and relatives of those suffering from the disorder will get a key to better understanding and will build up a very beneficial awareness to enable them to guide the process of healing.


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Tamanho do Arquivo 1995
Início da Venda 27/11/2003
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Cód. Barras 9783000098079
Ano da Publicação 2003