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M&A A Practical Guide to Doing the Deal, 2nd Edition (Cód: 9235922)

Hooke,Jeffrey C

John Wiley & Sons

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M&A A Practical Guide to Doing the Deal, 2nd Edition


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The comprehensive M&A guide, updated to reflect the latest changes in the M&A environment 'M&A, Second Edition' provides a practical primer on mergers and acquisitions for a broad base of individuals numbering in the hundreds of thousands: Investment bankers involved with mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Equity analysts at hedge funds, risk arbitrage funds, pension funds, and banks, who invest in firms engaged in M&A. Private equity professionals at buyout funds, venture capital funds, and hedge funds, who routinely buy and sell companies. Corporate executives and business development professionals. Institutional loan officers working with M&A and buyout transactions. Business students at colleges and graduate business schools. Investor relations professionals at corporations and public relations firms. Lawyers who work with corporate clients on M&A-related legal, financial, and tax matters. Independent public accounting firms that review M&A accounting. Government regulators Sophisticated individual investors Its comprehensive approach covers each step in the process, from finding an opportunity, to analyzing the potential, to closing the deal, with new coverage of private equity funds and international transactions. This updated second edition also includes information on emerging markets, natural resource valuation, hostile takeovers, special deals, and more, plus new examples and anecdotes taken from more current events. Additional illustrations and charts help readers quickly grasp the complex information, providing a complete reference easily accessible by anyone involved in M&A. The mergers and acquisitions environment has changed in the thirteen years since 'M&A' was initially published, creating a tremendous need for authoritative M&A guidance from a banker's perspective. This 'M&A' update fills that need by providing the characteristic expert guidance in clear, concise language, complete with the most up-to-date information. Discover where M&A fits into different corporate growth strategies, and the unique merits it confers Delineate clear metrics for determining risk, valuation, and optimal size of potential acquisitions Gain deeper insight into the fundamentals of negotiation, due diligence, and structuring Understand the best time to sell, the best way to sell, and the process of the sale itself In the past decade, the dollar value of M&A deals has jumped ten-fold, and the number of individuals involved has expanded considerably. More and more executives, analysts, and bankers need to get up-to-date on the mechanics of M&A, without wading through volume after volume of dense, legalistic jargon. Finally, 'M&A' is back - providing a complete reference to the current state of the M&A environment. Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of 'M&A' offers a comprehensive approach for all the players in the merger and acquisition process including bankers, corporate executives, investment professionals, lawyers, regulators, and more. Written in clear and concise language, 'M&A' covers each step of the process, from the beginning stages of finding an opportunity to analyzing the potential. Author Jeffrey C. Hooke also offers insights for closing the deal. Filled with new examples and anecdotes drawn from current events, the book explores recent trends and changes in the mergers and acquisitions market. Since the first edition of 'M&A' was published, merger and acquisition activity has increased fourfold. To address the changes, the second edition contains a wealth of new information on such topics as private equity funds and international transactions. The new edition also includes a review of important changes such as the trend of smaller firms entering the game, emerging markets, natural resource valuation, hostile takeovers, expansion of the Internet, and the rise of activist investors. 'M&A' outlines the methodical search process of successful acquirers and details the key attributes of 'good' versus 'bad' deals. Hooke provides a synopsis of corporate valuation techniques and covers special challenges such as hi-tech companies, money-losing enterprises, cyclical businesses, and global firms. When a deal is close, the buyer has to gauge the impact of the prospective transaction on its balance sheet, income statement, and future equity price. To aid in this process, the text contains the basics of M&A financial accounting for the combined firms. In addition, Hooke reviews the key legal documents encompassed in the sale process, as well as the common legal structures. A proper legal structure can save buyer or seller significant monies, and it can offer either party substantial protection from unforeseen problems. 'M&A, Second Edition' includes the information and tools to help investment professionals consider corporate strategies, make optimal M&A transactions, close better private equity deals, obtain superior arbitrage investments, and assess relevant regulatory matters. PRAISE FOR M&A, A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DOING THE DEAL, SECOND EDITION 'Jeffrey Hooke has done a fine job explaining the 'ins and outs' of a very complex business. He knows what he's talking about.' --John C. Whitehead, former Co-Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co. 'Jeff's book brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a must-read for anyone working in the field of international M&A.' --Steven N. Robinson, Co-Head, China Corporate Practice, Hogan Lovells International 'Mr. Hooke's book is an invaluable how-to guide for M&A professionals, finance professors, and business students.' --Allan Eberhart, Professor of Finance and Director of Master of Science in Finance Program, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University 'Whether you need a roadmap or reference, are entering your first M&A transaction, or have completed many and wish to check your approach, Jeff's work will give you a secure footing from which to base all your decisions.' --Lee Arthur, Managing Director of New York Institute of Finance, a division of Pearson PLC 'Jeffrey has done it again! He has laid out an insightful and practical approach to M&A that captivates the reader. A solid reference book that will excite those hungry for undertaking successful M&A transactions in all markets. For those starting out on this subject, it is a must-read to grasp substantial knowledge.' --Fred Nuerte Nuer, Chief Executive Officer, Cornerstone Capital Advisors Ltd. 'This book is the perfect primer for operating executives seeking to expand their companies through M&A. I have a copy on my desk.' --Daniel Ilisevich, Chief Financial and Administrative Office, Compusearch Software Systems 'Mr. Hooke's experience as an investment banker and private equity investor shines through. For money managers, the book is a perfect primer on the growth tactics of M&A-oriented firms, the takeover value of public companies, and the likely form of M&A events.' --Lin Dong, CFA, FRM, Associate Director, UBS Asset Management (China)


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Marca John Wiley & Sons
I.S.B.N. 9781118816998
Referência 031212281
Altura 22.86 cm
Largura 15.49 cm
Profundidade 2.03 cm
Número de Páginas 224
Idioma Inglês
Acabamento Capa dura
Cód. Barras 9781118816998
Número da edição 2
Ano da edição 2014
AutorHooke,Jeffrey C