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Medusa (Cód: 8295376)



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This screenplay is set in the near future when human society is completely dependent on computers, pen and paper are no longer used and all money exists as electronic credit. Of course there are back-ups and fail-safe devices, but even these are destroyed by Medusa, the most destructive computer virus the world has ever seen. All information on computers is lost forever, governments lose control, riots break out and society collapses.After the Big Crash a young man named Mark takes refuge at Border's Edge, a militant survival camp in the Arizona desert. When the camp finds itself at war with the rival camp of New City, Mark flees into the desert and soon teams up with a black man who calls himself Jesus and a young woman named Rose. Together they begin a quest to find Hushville, a mythical utopian village which has achieved a token of stability.On their epic journey the three friends are forced to discover themselves and fight for their survival in the harsh, post-apocalyptic, desert environment. They have surreal encounters with the prophetic Crazy Old Woman, the strange artist Simon Agresta and the Tribers, mysterious nomads who have relinquished their need for civilisation. Their progress through the desert is followed by a murderous gang of anarchists on horseback and the dangerous Dragon Sisters who soar above them on genetically engineered dragons.Written and presented as a black fairy tale, Medusa also poses a few important questions about the fragmentation of the individual and society in the postmodern world of computer technology and virtual reality.


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Idioma 337
Acabamento e-book
Cód. Barras 9781849914987