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Men In Peril (Cód: 8073200)



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'I find the work of Christopher Trevor to be truly amazing. He has the gift to take people on a fantasy ride that feels very real. In many ways you are in that fantasy that he tells; fantasies that many of us only dream about. That is what this writer does. Writers are dreamers of dreams and in a very poetic way share their visions and dreams with us. Christopher Trevor has successfully done that in his works.' - Adam H. - 'Christopher Trevor has done it again...I will never be able to see a man in peril in a movie or TV show again without getting totally aroused and excited.' - The boss man - 'Christopher Trevor is at it again! He's got hot studly and unwitting guys being taken advantage of. In Christopher Trevor's world, no hot guy is safe from the stripping, licking, tickling and more. WHEW! He really gets my juices flowing...if you know what I mean!' - Timmy Backman, tickle hero and constant tickle victim - 'I am a huge fan of Christopher Trevor's books. His stories make me feel as if I am right there in the fantasy he is writing about. I come away as if I had experienced the setting the story was about. Keep up the great work Christopher...' - John B. in Largo, Florida -


Produto sob encomenda Sim
Cód. Barras 9781610981071
Início da Venda 02/09/2014
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Epub
Gratuito Não
Tamanho do Arquivo 135
Proteção Drm Sim
Idioma 337
Código do Formato Epub
Ano da Publicação 110
Peso 0.00 Kg


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Men In Peril (Cód: 8073200) Men In Peril (Cód: 8073200)
R$ 24,97
Men In Peril (Cód: 8073200) Men In Peril (Cód: 8073200)
R$ 24,97