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Rock ’n’ Roll - All The Greatest Stars - Box Com 12 CDs (Cód: 4267558)



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Rock ’n’ Roll - All The Greatest Stars - Box Com 12 CDs



Rock ’n’ Roll é um estilo musical, uma dança, uma atitude. Mas também toda uma indústria da música, completa com O Hall da Fama, restaurantes temáticos, programas de TV e shows. Esta coleção de 12 CDs dá o tom exato do estilo de vida dos anos 50 com 240 faixas dos maiores sucessos dos principais astros do período como Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Bill Haley, Little Richard e muitos mais.

Faixas do CD 1:

1. Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley & His Comets (DeKnight – Freedman)
2. You And I Are Through Buddy & Bob – Buddy Holly (Montgomery)
3. Tutti Frutti Little Richard (Bostrie – Lubin – Penniman)
4. Bo Diddley Bo Diddley (Ellas McDaniel)
5. Love All Night The Platters (Williams)
6. Everyone’s Laughing The Drifters (Scott)
7. Jim Dandy Lavern Baker (Chase)
8. Wedding Bells Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps (Fain – Kahal – Raskin)
9. Rock ’n’ Roll Dance Lloyd Price (Marascalco – Price)
10. You’re A Heartbreaker Elvis Presley (Sallee)
11. Morning Glories Big Joe Turner (Traditional)
12. Mister Blues Is Coming To Town Wynonie Harris (Nix – Glover)
13. Rocky Road Blues Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps (Monroe)
14. Rip It Up Buddy Holly (Blackwell – Marascalco)
15. Mam He Treats Your Daughter Mean Ruth Brown (Wallace – Lance)
16. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby Carl Perkins (Perkins)
17. If I Had A Million Chuck Willis (Willis)
18. Mighty Mighty Man Roy Brown (Brown)
19. They Call Me Big Mama Big Mama Thornton (Robey – Thornton)
20. Troubles And Heartaches Ike Turner (Taub – Turner)

Faixas do CD 2:
1. Blue Suede Shoes Buddy Holly (Perkins)
2. The Girl Can’t Help It Little Richard (Troup)
3. That’s All Right Elvis Presley (Crudup)
4. Diddley Daddy Bo Diddley (McDaniel – Fuqua).
5. Night And Day Blues Lloyd Price (Price)
6. Cadillac Baby Roy Brown (Brown)
7. Lawdy Miss Mary Chuck Willis (Willis)
8. Our Romance Is Gone Johnny Otis (Castillo – Nunn – Richards – Russell)
9. All Right Baby Big Mama Thornton (Thornton)
10. I’ll Cry When You’re Gone The Platters (Hodge)
11. Sixteen Tons Tennessee Ernie Ford (Travis)
12. My Blue Heaven Fats Domino (Domino – Bartholomew)
13. Warm Your Heart The Drifters (Ertegun – Gerald – Dowd)
14. Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley (Leiber – Stoller)
15. How Long Lavern Baker (Williams)
16. Money Honey Elvis Presley (Stone)
17. Reet Petite Jackie Wilson (Carlo – Gordy)
18. My Ding A Ling Dave Bartholomew (Bartholomew)
19. Good Golly Miss Molly Little Richard (Blackwell – Marascalco)
20. You Told A Fib Gene Vincent (Gallup – Vincent)
Faixas do CD 3:

1. You Made Me Cry The Platters (Hodge)
2. If I Didn’t Love You Like I Do The Drifters (Dixon – Hubball)
3. Ten Little Indians Bill Haley (Traditional)
4. Dynamite Brenda Lee (Feldman – Goldstein – Gotteher)
5. Honky Tonk Buddy Holly (Butler – Doggett)
6. Midnight Cannonball Big Joe Turner (Turner)
7. Lookin’ For My Baby Ike Turner – Bonnie Turner (Taub – Turner – Baron)
8. Baby Please Come Home Lloyd Price (Price)
9. Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ Johnny Otis – Redd Lyte (Burnette)
10. Rockin’ Chair Fats Domino (Domino – Young)
11. Another Mule Dave Bartholomew (Bartholomew)
12. All Shook Up Elvis Presley (Blackwell – Presley)
13. Lost Child Lavern Baker (Glover – Williams)
14. Shine On Bright Moon Ruth Brown (Whittaker)
15. Longhair Stomp Professor Longhair (Longhair)
16. Race With The Devil Gene Vincent (Vincent – Davis)
17. Fujyama Mama Wanda Jackson (D.R.)
18. Laughing But Crying Roy Brown (Brown)
19. Nightmare Big Mama Thornton (Leiber – Stoller)
20. Slippin’ And Slidin’ Little Richard (Penniman – Collins)

Faixas do CD 4:
1. Keep A Knockin’ Buddy Holly (Williams – Mays – Penniman)
2. Honey Love The Drifters (McPhatter – Gerald)
3. Rock‘n‘ Roll Music Chuck Berry (Berry)
4. Diddy Wah Diddy Bo Diddley (Dixon)
5. I Put A Spell On You Screaming Jay Hawkins (J. Hawkins)
6. Rockabye Baby Big Mama Thornton (Thornton)
7. Rosemary Fats Domino (Domino – Bartholomew)
8. Sentimental Journey The Platters (Brown – Green – Homer)
9. Double Crossing Blues Johnny Otis, Little Esther, The Robins (Otis)
10. Sweet Sixteen Big Joe Turner (Ertegun)
11. I Would If I Could Ruth Brown (Lance – Singleton)
12. Ain’t That Good News Little Richard (Taylor)
13. Dizzy Miss Lizzy Larry Williams (Williams)
14. The Ice Man Dave Bartholomew (Bartholomew)
15. Bop Street Gene Vincent (Gallup – Davis)
16. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again Elvis Presley (Walker – Sullivan)
17. Move It Cliff Richard & The Shadows (Samwell)
18. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Lloyd Price (Price)
19. Let’s Jump Tonight Chuck Willis (Willis)
20. Confessin’ The Blues Wynonie Harris (Brown – McShann)

Faixas do CD 5:
1. See You Later Alligator Bill Haley (Guidry)
2. Maggie Doesn’t Work Here Anymore The Platters (Taylor – Lynch)
3. Ready Teddy Little Richard (Blackwell – Marascalco)
4. You Are My One Desire Buddy Holly (Guess)
5. Down Home Special Bo Diddley (McDaniel)
6. Just Can’t Help Myself Big Mama Thornton (Robey – Thornton)
7. Low Down Dog Big Joe Turner (Turner)
8. I Feel So Bad Chuck Willis (Willis)
9. I’m Glad, Glad Lloyd Price (Price)
10. I’ll Wait For You Ruth Brown (Toombs)
11. Mona Lisa Carl Mann (Livingston – Evans)
12. The Big Beat Fats Domino (Domino – Bartholomew)
13. What I’d Say Ray Charles (Charles)
14. There You Go The Drifters (Ertegun – Wexler)
15. I Want To Rock Lavern Baker (Williams)
16. Blue Moon Of Kentucky Elvis Presley (Monroe)
17. Peg O’ My Heart Gene Vincent (Fisher – Bryan)
18. Beautician Blues Roy Brown (Brown)
19. Maybellene Chuck Berry (Berry)
20. Lucille Little Richard (Collins – Penniman)

Faixas do CD 6:
1. Peggy Sue Buddy Holly & The Crickets (Petty – Allison – Holly)
2. In My Real Gone Rocket Jackie Brenston (Brenston)
3. Dig Me Little Mama Tommy Scott (Scott)
4. Back Up Buddy Carl Smith (Bryant)
5. Red Light Merrill Moore (Moore – Willard)
6. Jump Rope Boogie Cliffie Stone (Stone – Stone)
7. Shake, Rattle And Roll Bill Haley And The Comets (Calhoun)
8. Idaho Red Chuck Miller (Saelz – Kuzlaric – Sullivan)
9. Blue Monday Fats Domino (Domino – Bartholomew)
10. Honey, Honey Charlie Gracie (Gracie)
11. Hard Top Race Merrill Moore (Morgan – Stopner – Sant)
12. Yes Tonight Josephine Johnnie Ray (Scott – Goodman):28
13. Thirteen Women Bill Haley And The Comets (Thompson)
14. Long Tall Sally Little Richard (Johnson – Penniman – Blackwell)
15. Bird Dog The Everly Brothers (Bryant)
16. Lovey Dovey Bunny Paul (Curtis – Ertegun)
17. Rock A Billy Guy Mitchell (Deane – Harris)
18. Stagger Lee Lloyd Price (Price – Logan)
19. Bye Bye Love Everly Brothers (Bryant – Bryant)
20. C’mon Everybody Eddie Cochran (Cochran – Capehart)
Faixas do CD 7:
1. Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry (Berry)
2. Hey Mama Sonny Fisher (Fisher)
3. Rave On Buddy Holly (Tilghman – Petty – West)
4. My Baby Keeps Rolling Annisteen Allen (Glover – Weismantel)
5. Whole Lotta Woman Marvin Rainwater (Rainwater)
6. Rockin‘ And A-Knockin‘ Gayle Griffith (Hagar – Richardson)
7. At The Hop Danny And The Juniors (Singer – Madara – White)
8. Hot Rod Race Ramblin Jimmy Dolan (G. Wilson)
9. Why Baby Why George Jones (Edwards – Jones)
10. Rock Love Eddie Fontaine (Glover)
11. Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie Eddie Cochran (Motola – Page)
12. Seventeen Boyd Bennett & The Rockets (Young – Gorman – Bennett)
13. Bawlin’ And Squallin’ Buck Griffin (Gordon – Pecchi)
14. Sundown Boogie Bill Haley & The Comets (Haley – Rodgers)
15. My Baby Loves Me Charlie Gracie (Gracie)
16. There‘s Gonna Be A Ball Rudy Gray (Gray)
17. Cathy´s Clown The Everly Brothers (Everly)
18. Gonna Dance All Night Hardrock Gunter (Gunter)
19. Bony Maronie Larry Williams (Williams)
20. Rocket 88 Bill Haley & His Comets (Brenston)

Faixas do CD 8:

1. I Don‘t Care If The Sun Don‘t Shine Elvis Presley (Mack David)
2. Checkbook Baby Milt Dickey (M. Dickey)
3. High School Confidential Cliff Richard & The Shadows (Lewis – Hargrave)
4. Sag, Drag And Fall Sid King & The Five Strings (Massey – Gilliland)
5. Money Bag Woman Luke McDaniel (McDaniel)
6. Thanks To You Bob Blum (Blum)
7. Daddy-O Rock Luke McDaniel (McDaniel)
8. Busy Body Boogie The Carlisles (Carrell)
9. Let’s Have A Party Wanda Jackson (Robinson)
10. Giddy Up Ding Dong Freddie Bell & Bell Boys (Bell – Latanzi – Pep)
11. Baby Face Bobby Darin (Akst – Davis)
12. The Dirty Bird Song Frank Starr (Miller – Baker – Leonard – Gulledge)
13. How Can You Be So Mean Johnny Ace (Ace)
14. Juke Joint Johnny Lattie Moore (Moore)
15. Man! Turn Me Loose Boots Gilbert (Brown -Jack Brown)
16. Ten, Ten A.M. Merrill Moore (Moore)
17. Memphis Tennessee Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry)
18. Endless Sleep Jody Reynolds (Nance – Reynolds)
19. Wildwood Boogie Charlie Gracie (Murray – Kuhn)
20. Pull Down The Blinds Lattie Moore (Nash – Lamb)

Faixas do CD 9:
1. Good Rockin‘ Tonight Elvis Presley (Roy Brown)
2. Crawfishin‘ Clarence Garlow (Rene)
3. Blackeyed Joe‘s Little Jimmy Dickens (Roberts)
4. Jukebox Cannonball Bill Haley & The Comets (Rodgers – Keefer – Barrie)
5. Snatchin‘ And Grabbin’ Merrill Moore (Rose – Scrivner)
6. Honky Tonk Spree Jimmy Simpson (Rule – Simpson)
7. A.B.C. Boogie Bill Haley & The Comets (Russell – Spickol)
8. Lookout Mountain Chuck Miller (Lazar)
9. Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry)
10. Cats And Dogs Tommy Scott (Scott)
11. Crazy Man, Crazy Bill Haley & The Comets (Haley)
12. Oh Baby Doll Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry)
13. I Go Ape Neil Sedaka (Sedaka –Greenfield)
14. Don‘t Let The Star Get In Your Eyes Skeets Mc Donald (Slim Willet)
15. ou Look Bad Danny Taylor (Taylor)
16. Rebel Rouser Duane Eddy (Eddy – Hazlewood)
17. Doggie House Boogie Merrill Moore (Thompson – Gray)
18. Oh, Look A-There Ain’t She Pretty The Treniers (Todd – Lombardo)
19. It Don‘t Make No Never Mind Buck Griffin (Griffin)
20. Feelin‘ Happy Big Joe Turner (Turner)

Faixas do CD 10:
1. Be Bop A Lula Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps (Vincent – Davis)
2. Jersey Rock Zeb Turner (Turner)
3. Don’t Be Cruel Elvis Presley (Blackwell – Presley)
4. Hopahoola Boogie Chuck Miller (Van Dyke – Black)
5. Kiss The Baby Goodnight Charline Arthur (Welch)
6. Shotgun Boogie Sid King & The Five Strings (White – Laid)
7. Long Gone Daddy Lou Graham (Williams)
8. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On Big Maybelle (Williams – David)
9. Pat-A-Cake Bill Haley & The Comets (Williamson – Haley)
10. Hey Now Honey Johnny Hicks (Hicks)
11. Chantilly Lace Big Bopper (Richardson)
12. The Most Boyd Bennett & The Rockets (Young)
13. Rock The Joint Bill Haley & His Comets (Crafton – Keane – Bagby)
14. Hippy Hippy Shake Chan Romero (Chan Romero)
15. Roll Over Beethoven Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry)
16. I’m Walkin’ Fats Domino (Domino – Bartholomew)
17. Done Gone Crazy Lee Bonds (Bonds)
18. Dig‘n And Datin‘ Gene Henslee (Henslee)
19. Later Alligator Bobby Charles (Guidry)
20. Stratosphere Boogie Speedy West (Bryant).

Faixas do CD 11:
1. Great Balls Of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis (Blackwell – Hammer)
2. Go, Boy Go Carl Smith (Wilson)
3. Don’t Stop Now Roy Hall (Hall)
4. Oh Marie Louis Prima (DiCapua – Prima)
5. All She Wants To Do Is Rock Wynonie Harris (Harris – Mcrae)
6. I Need Your Love Tonight Elvis Presley (Wayne – Reichner)
7. Skinny Minnie Bill Haley & His Comets (Haley – Keefer – Cafra – Gabler)
8. Crooked Dice Leo Ogletree (O‘Neal – Tyler)
9. Hound Dog Elvis Presley (Leiber – Stoller)
10. Whoa Boy Red Smith (Jefferson – McDaniel)
11. No Money In This Deal George Jones (Jones)
12. Two Hound Dogs Bill Haley & The Comets (Haley – Pingatore)
13. I Got A Woman Ray Charles (Charles – Richard)
14. Beetle Bug Bop The Collins Kids (Kanyas)
15. Ain’t It A Shame Fats Domino (Domino – Bartholomew)
16. Say Mama Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps (Meeks – Earl)
17. Gee The Crows (Levy – Davis – Norton)
18. Reeling And Rocking Fats Domino (Domino – Young)
19. Percolator Boots Randolph (Atkins – Rich)
20. Hula Love Buddy Knox (Bowen)

Faixas do CD 12: All the greatest stars   

1. Cara Mia David Whitfield (Trapani – Lange)
2. Singing The Blues Guy Mitchell (Endsley)
3. Cold, Cold Heart Tony Bennett (WillIams)
4. Cry Johnnie Ray (Kohlman)
5. Hernando‘s Hideaway Archie Bleyer (Adler – Ross)
6. Love Me Tender Elvis Presley (Matson – Presley)
7. Too Much Monkey Business Chuck Berry (Chuck Berry)
8. Red River Rock Johnny & The Hurricanes (King – Paris – Mendelsohn)
9. The Great Pretender The Platters (Ram)
10. Tweedlee Dee LaVern Baker (Scott)
11. Answer Me Frankie Laine (Silman – Winkler)
12. Summertime Blues Eddie Cochran (Capehart – Cochran)
13. That‘ll Be The Day Buddy Holly & The Crickets (Allison – Holly – Petty)
14. Yakety Sax Boots Randolph (Randolph – Rich)
15. Only You The Platters (Ram – Rand)
16. Dance With Me Henry Georgia Gibbs (James – Otis – Ballard)
17. Don‘t Forbid Me Pat Boone (Singleton)
18. That‘s Amore Dean Martin (Brooks – Warren)
19. Such A Night The Drifters (Chase)
20. Don‘t Be Cruel Elvis Presley (Blackwell – Presley)


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