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Word Plays & Stories... (Cód: 8302920)

Bagley,Cathy Lorraine


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The author is a recently divorced mother of two college-aged young adults, a product of New York City's public school experimental educational programs, a double Ivy graduate (Dartmouth College and Brown University), an aspiring author, a 'green' artist and a lover of anything pertaining to the late great Octavia Butler. Additionally, she is a practicing obstetrician & gynecologist who has been at it for over 20 years! That being said, she is no stranger to stress. Dr. Bagley adopted the following leitmotif: Make lemonade from lemons! She has become quite proficient in the production process and invites others to follow along. This philosophy is so relevant in these more than lean times when trained professional's couches have shrunken rendering them both uncomfortable and expensive because of what's deemed 'allowable' and deductible by insurance companies. Dr Bagley offers this WORD and at times, crafts on under CaLorBa & Company Designs as exhibits 'A' and 'B' as indisputable proof that she's been a busy bee squeezing those yellow sun-ripened fruit, adding honey... you know the rest... During life's dark moments even getting a glimpse at dawn's light seems impossible, she challenge people to create their own light. God has gifted everyone unique talents. The test/challenge is to delve within for discovery. Afterwards, the courage to bring what is found to the surface is paramount regardless of naysayers. These creative therapies are considered 'bucket list' projects for Dr Bagley. She didn't even have a name for it until renting a same titled movie. The revelation came: don't wait for senescence, another world war; alien planetary invasion or a terrible medical malady with an impending ominous prognosis to get started. We hope you will enjoy one or two tall drinks of Dr Bagley's home brewed one-of-a-kind lemonade.


Produto sob encomenda Sim
Cód. Barras 9781607469797
Início da Venda 19/11/2014
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Epub
Gratuito Não
Tamanho do Arquivo 941
Proteção Drm Sim
Idioma 337
Código do Formato Epub
Número de Páginas 252 (aproximado)
Ano da Publicação 111
Peso 0.00 Kg
AutorBagley,Cathy Lorraine


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Word Plays & Stories... (Cód: 8302920) Word Plays & Stories... (Cód: 8302920)
R$ 26,97
Word Plays & Stories... (Cód: 8302920) Word Plays & Stories... (Cód: 8302920)
R$ 26,97