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Workplace Poker - Are You Playing The Game, Or Just Getting Played? (Cód: 9337280)


Harpercollins Usa

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Workplace Poker - Are You Playing The Game, Or Just Getting Played?


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Are you talented and hardworking, but your career isn t accelerating as rapidly as you want it to? Workplace Poker can help you understand and overcome your own blind spots as well as the obstructions and difficult people holding you back.It can be frustrating to watch others achieve great success while your own career trajectory is average, especially if the uber-successful are clearly less talented or less ethical. Or if they don t work as hard as you, or if they play the game of office politics better than you. You can choose to be annoyed and indignant about the unfairness, or you can decide to do something about it. Workplace Poker is a master course in career management designed to drive career advancement in a positive and ethical manner, with proven strategies to accelerate your career path.Career adviser Dan Rust shares the stories of many people who had lackluster career progress or were hampered by setbacks, but were able to turn things around and boost their professional momentum by playing the game under the game. They learned to think more deeply and act more strategically. They gained insight into what their colleagues at work were doing and developed the skills needed to promote themselves. They learned to turn every adversity into advantage and every struggle into strength.This book will help you recognize your own blind spots, and learn how to fix them; learn about corporate anthropology and complex human relationships in your work environment; accept full responsibility for your own career missteps and failures, then develop action plans to turn them around; master authentic self-promotion, without feeling that you re bragging; achieve the mental and physical energy necessary to supercharge your career.Smart, funny, and conversational, Rust shares insight gained from more than twenty years of helping individuals turn run-of-the-mill jobs into high-flying careers. If your work life is just beginning, this book is the perfect springboard. If you are in a later stage of your career, you ll wish you had read it decades ago. But there is still time to give your career a boost, and this book has many examples of late-stage career turnarounds.In Workplace Poker, you will learn how to get out of your own way and find the success you ve always wanted.Advance Praise For Workplace Poker This book is like a set of X-ray vision goggles: you ll be able to see what s happening under the surface at work, and prepare for whatever may be ahead, be it a layoff, reorg, product change, or power shift. Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times bestseller Triggers When it comes to organizational disruptions, we ve all been there; either ignoring or denying the signals of impending doom only to realize our blind spots too late. Rust provides great insights and tips so that we can avoid having to say, I never saw that coming ever again. I only wish I could have read Workplace Poker thirty years ago. Eric Doner, president and CEO, AchieveCorp Workplace Poker introduces a powerful suite of skills, strategies, and insights that can help you accelerate your career beyond the self-imposed limits of your own mind a must-read for anyone interested in discovering what it takes to compete and win in today s complex business environment. Andre Vlcek, managing director, Sales Psychology Australia We all know that in the modern business environment, talent and hard work are important, but only part of the career success recipe. This book provides you with the rest of the ingredients. Cynthia Kyriazis, productivity strategist I want all of my employees to read Workplace Poker. It s not just about office politics. It s about how to self-promote properly, how to become more accountable, deal with other people in a decent manner, foster teamwork, and make sure that your own career progress matches the hard work and talent you bring to the business. Steve Groves, president, Due North Outdoors Rust gives real-life explanations for why bad people get good raises, why good people get bad reputations, and what you can do to move your career forward. With his unique sense of humor, Rust explains why it is critical to people-watch and accept complete responsibility for everything that happens in one s career. He provides the tools you need to see the game under the game, understand its rules, use them to your advantage, and ultimately win by doing a fabulous job. Kari Saddler, leadership development, Tampa General Hospital I wish I had read this twenty years ago! Marc Kramer, president and founder, ProjectWorks' A career advisor explains why many talented, hard-working people often miss out on their full career potential, revealing the tells, blind spots, secrets, and unspoken rules you need to know in order to play the game to win.While many careers have been impacted by economic downturns, failed projects, downsizing and restructuring, or just bad bosses or bad timing, we all know of colleagues who continue to rise through every tough situation. Most assume that they have an advantage that protects them degrees from the right schools, great mentors, influential friends and family, or just better luck. But these hyper-successful professionals have faced setbacks, too. Instead of allowing challenges to derail their rise, they ve learned how to manage them better.InWorkplace Poker, Dan Rust gives you the strategies you need to accelerate your career, and prevent setbacks from stalling your progress or spiraling it downward. The trick, he reveals, is to play the game under the game, to think more deeply and act more strategically. If you are talented, ambitious, and hardworking, but feel your career just isn t accelerating as rapidly as it should, or as fast as you would like it to, this book is for you. If you have been frustrated to see others (less talented, who don t work as hard as you do) achieve rapid professional progress while your career stalls out, this book is for you. If you ve been annoyed by those who are successful primarily because of where they went to school, or family connections, or financial resources, this book is for you.Rust gives you the insight and skills you need to transform yourself and adapt and survive any hurdle to turn every adversity into advantage, and every struggle into strength, including: Recognition of your own blind spots and what to do about them Mastering strategic and authentic self-promotion Enhancing your personal charm and likeability Achieving the high energy, both mental and physical, necessary to drive an exceptional career trajectory Developing an interest in corporate anthropology and the complex human dimensions of business Neutralizing the career-stalling impact of difficult or dysfunctional colleagues Deeply owning and learning from career missteps and failuresIn his smart, funny, relatable voice, Rust shares stories of individuals who have applied these capabilities in real world situations, and provides short, focused exercises to help you think about yourself and your own career. WithWorkplace Poker, you ll learn how to get out of you own way, and find the success you deserve.'


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