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Booby Trapped - Men Beware! the Dirty Seven Sisters: A Dating Guide for the 21st Century (Cód: 8029289)

Marshall, June

HIP NewMedia Publishing (Livros Digitais)

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Booby Trapped - Men Beware! the Dirty Seven Sisters: A Dating Guide for the 21st Century


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* If you get into the wrong relationship, your life will be living hell.* If your life is living hell, your most cherished relationships suffer. * If your relationships suffer, you health is next.* If your health suffers, your sexual and work performance suffer.* Why go through all this suffering? * Now you can choose the perfect mate and live happily ever-after!How?By learning how to avoid or scuttle women who belong to the Dirty Seven.The 'Dirty Seven Sisters' are the women, who because of their underlying personality and character flaws, bring unhappiness and chaos into men's lives once they bag their prey. The author warns men to move on from them, regardless of their sexual needs and genetic impulse to have children. These women may be sexy and attractive, but they don't have the potential to be true life partners. She bares their character traits that are impossible to live with, why they are impossible, and tells men what to do about them. Conversely, she also describes the excellent qualities of a good mate. Marshall's humorous take on the absurdities of today's dating scene does not hide her seriousness to revolutionize our approach to dating and mating, which produces a divorce rate of over 50%. She says, 'This field guide will give you the tools to recognize and avoid the noxious and obnoxious females who are like Angel of Death mushrooms, beautiful yet deadly. Lesson #1: Beautiful does not necessarily mean good.' Top reviewers on rave about this book:'*** If You Have To Have A Woman, You Have To Have This Book! *** This book is fantastic. Extremely insightful and informative, and so entertaining that you can't put it down. This is one of a kind. Coldly logical, scathingly accurate, yet sharply comical. It is so brutal in its anti 'female-logic' position, that it is hard to believe that it was written by a woman. But, apparently it was. 'The Dirty Seven' women are going to FREAK OUT when they find out that one of their own not only has their number, but has also spilled the beans!' S. Thomas, Buffalo, NY *** Do NOT play the dating game without this book! *** You've been warned!


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Marca HIP NewMedia Publishing (Livros Digitais)
Acabamento e-book
Territorialidade Internacional
Gratuito Não
Início da Venda 02/02/2005
Código do Formato Pdf
Cód. Barras 9781893798298
Ano da Publicação 105
AutorMarshall, June