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Brain Storming - As Life Goes On (Cód: 9478224)


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Brain Storming - As Life Goes On



Most mortals experience death once. Some of us could die with out ever being aware of our own existence, but all of us will experience death sooner or later. The questions is how do we get there. In my line of work I have met plenty of people in a hurry to die, to the point that they are constantly challenging them self or others to trigger the event.The majority however has no idea that the process of living is directly related to the reality of dying. Regardless of how we get there most humans express sorrow, deep pain and anguish when confronted with the death of some one close to us.Thankfully, we get limited experience at dealing with death and dying, unless we have unique jobs or live in places where the respect for life has disappeared and even then, every time we witnessed death or dying it takes a bite at our own existence, and in many cases it brings back to mind our own mortality and the fragility of life.Some of us could exist over the surface of the planet for many years and go by unnoticed. Other people does not need a long existence to have and an enduring impact in the rest of us.It does not matter, your race, ethnicity, social status, political or social power the good thing about death and dying is that it does not discriminate, and perhaps if we all remembered this simple fact we would have more respect for our own and others existence.


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Idioma 337
Acabamento e-book
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Pdf
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Tamanho do Arquivo 4214
Início da Venda 10/03/2016
Código do Formato Pdf
Cód. Barras 9781460276327
Ano da Publicação 116