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Bullied To Death...It Almost Happened To Me (Cód: 8046530)

Rosalie, Christopher


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Bullied To Death...It Almost Happened To Me



'Bullied to Death, It almost happened to me' touches on the perilous years that lead from childhood to maturity, for gay people, for gay people who are relentlessly and mercilessly bullied...simply because of who and what they are, for what they did not choose to be.It is sad I think that in the 21st century a book such as this one was needed. I have come to call homophobia the final prejudice.I have been told that a book like this may help to save lives. If it helps to save one life, to prevent another gay suicide then I have accomplished part of what I have set out to do.I am hoping also that this book will open the eyes and ears of parents of gay children, teachers who have gay students in their classes and guidance counselors as well, as this book promotes good mental health for gay teenagers and gay people in the workplace as well.Increased self-awareness and the fact that people are connected and whether we are gay or straight, we share common ground. This book puts to rest the myth that being gay is bad and something that a person, when they realize they are gay contemplates suicide. There is a brotherhood of support out there for us, gay diversity exists within a diverse society, and this book proves that there are many aspects to us and who we are.Masculinity and femininity are defined by our culture and by society, but we are just as masculine and feminine in our own ways no matter what society deems or tries to bully us into believing. Being gay is just one very important aspect of what makes us who we are. The bully has just as many deficits, if not more, which is what causes them to become bullies. Inwardly they do not know how to define themselves...


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Idioma 337
Acabamento e-book
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Epub
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Tamanho do Arquivo 217
Início da Venda 13/03/2011
Código do Formato Epub
Cód. Barras 9781610981682
Ano da Publicação 111
AutorRosalie, Christopher