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Creativity - Revealing the Truth about Human Nature (Cód: 9582152)

Efiong Etuk


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Creativity - Revealing the Truth about Human Nature



Lifetime treasure, Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is a compendium of wit and wisdom, bringing us face-to-face with our innermost nature - with our authentic, fundamentally creative, but historically overlooked quality as humans.Sobering, deeply compelling, at times convicting, this self-rediscovery book is intended to convince mankind of our inherent creativeness: naturally equipped and naturally driven to put one's special abilities to use for the greater good; to bring about something unique and beneficial to the Planet; to enrich all life with one's own.The 1,945 timeless insights that are brought together in this volume represent perspectives from the social and behavioral sciences, philosophy, metaphysics, and the humanities. Analysis of these perspectives yields two startling conclusions, with far-reaching implications for economic, social, and political thought:Homo Creativus, the first conclusion, signifies our essentially creative nature. Homo Creativus implies that the largely taken-for-granted 'economic man' (driven by self-interest and the maximization of personal utility) is fundamentally a potential-actualizing being (driven primarily to develop and express one's natural abilities in significant and beneficial actions - with economic consumption and material well-being as the means to that end). Global Creativity Crisis, the second conclusion, is the fundamental but largely unnoticed and unsuspected crisis the world is facing. This is the inability of the vast majority of people to develop and to engage their natural abilities in significant and meaningful activities; and, resultantly, widespread sense of meaninglessness and personal futility, of which many psychological and social problems are the symptoms. The crux of the book and, indeed, its theoretical and practical significance is the relationship it observes between the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the dreadful situation the world is facing. To the extent that that observation is valid, resolving the modern crises requires: first, re-discovering our essentially creative nature as humans; and, second, conforming policies, decisions, and actions to that essence. Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is not just a good-read: it is a must-read for personal effectiveness and professional success, particularly for people who deal with children, students, employees, citizens, patients, customers, clients, and colleagues. Here, in one universally-accessible and delightful-to-read treasury of wit and wisdom, are three vital resources that everyone is going to cherish for life: Window to our innermost and authentic nature as humans - An understanding of human nature that is critical for personal effectiveness and professional relevance as teachers, leaders, managers, politicians, parents, and helping professionals. Author Bio: Dr. Efiong Etuk is the founding director of the Global Creativity Network, a worldwide community of concerned individuals dedicated to the idea of a world in which everyone can be effective, creative, and successful. Proponent of a 'Global Creativity-Consciousness,' 'The Right to Be Creative,' 'The Age of Creativity,' 'Mass Creativity,' and the 'Global Creativity 'Marshall Plan,'' Dr. Etuk speaks and writes extensively on strategies for nurturing and engaging everybody's unique abilities in the Great Work of building a viable and sustainable global civilization that is a tribute to our generation and an enduring legacy to posterity. Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Transformation, Truth, Authenticity, Human Nature, Human Fulfillment, Holistic Health, Personal Growth, Self-Actualization


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Início da Venda 18/02/2014
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AutorEfiong Etuk