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Experience shortcuts to... Successful Negotiating (Cód: 9666118)

Brian Lomas


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Experience shortcuts to... Successful Negotiating



'Experience shortcuts to... Successful Negotiating' is the first eBook in a series which will see more eBook and e-single titles added over the coming months. A true story...A man went in to a large electrical retailer needing the full range of appliances for his soon-to-be fitted new kitchen. With his partner, they selected the first two items they wanted and then they split up. The man sought out a sales assistant whom he thought might be relatively new to the job and somewhat hesitant in their demeanour. The communication - the negotiation - went something like this...'I would like to buy this stove - do you have it in stock?' Assistant: 'Yes of course sir'. 'And if I bought the washing machine as well, could you do me a good deal - perhaps take away my old appliances free of charge?'Assistant: 'I'm sure we can sir'.Unbeknown to the assistant, the man's partner was already pointing to the next appliance wanted...'What if I asked you to supply this dishwasher as well? I saw on your website that your company offers its own 3 year guarantee on it but not the others you have already sold to me. Can you give the guarantee on all three?' With some hesitation, the assistant agreed... 'And you'll obviously take away the old dishwasher as well, won't you?...' And so the 'negotiation' continued with the buyer asking to buy appliance after appliance, each time asking for a better deal over not just the new item but all the other items as well. Ultimately, the buyer 'bought' some items for no payment whatsoever - they were just 'thrown in' to close the deal (for fear that the assistant would loose the entire sale).So was that a negotiation or just a one-sided contest of wills between a bully and a victim? Was it fair?Would you change your mind if, with the benefit of hindsight, you knew that the retailer later went into receivership? Was it any less fair when that sales assistant and many of their colleagues lost their jobs? And what if two of the appliances broke down within the guarantee period but after the firm went bust - so there was, in effect, no guarantee to claim against - do you think any differently about that negotiation and its fairness? Did the buyer simply get what he deserved?Well, this eBook defines a negotiation as: 'A communication in which the parties seek agreement to an exchange between them'. So the buyer/sales assistant communication was indeed a negotiation and this 'style' of negotiation - from both the buyer and the assistant's perspective - is discussed in this 'Experience shortcuts to... Successful Negotiating' eBook. Can we say the negotiation a 'success'? Well, in the short term, in the very short term, perhaps yes - the man got his electrical appliances and the sales assistant certainly earned his sale. In the medium and long term - it could hardly be called a success with broken appliances and unemployment. So there has to be a different way... the collaborator's way - which is thoroughly explored in this eBook along with the tactics used in negotiations be they appropriate or, as is the case above, perhaps not so appropriate. Brian Lomas is the author of this (and five other business books). He has a 'portfolio' of activities gained from living and working in the UK and the USA, which includes being not only a writer but also business consultant, coach, mentor, trainer and is an avid antique/flea market buyer and seller. Buy this eBook now and read how to negotiate successfully.


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AutorBrian Lomas