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Graphology - How to Read Character From Handwriting, With Full Explanation of the Science, and Many (Cód: 9624038)

Clifford Howard


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Graphology - How to Read Character From Handwriting, With Full Explanation of the Science, and Many



Graphology is the art of reading character from handwriting. That there is a relationship between character and style of penmanship has long been recognized, but until recently little has been done to formulate the principles upon which this relationship is based. Enough has now been accomplished in this direction, however, to make it possible to lay down definite rules for determining one's disposition, aptitude and nature by the peculiarities of his handwriting.As a matter of pastime the author took up a study of this interesting subject several years ago. Finding it so full of entertainment and usefulness and realizing that there exists at present no popular treatise on the subject, notwithstanding the wide-spread interest and curiosity invariably aroused by an exhibition of ability to read character from handwriting, he has gathered together the results of his studies and experience, in the hope that the information here set forth may serve as a source of entertainment to the general reader and as a means of aiding those who desire to acquire a practical knowledge of graphology.The studies and investigations of the author, in conjunction with those of other students of the subject, have revealed the fact that every feature of a handwriting is indicative of some particular personal characteristic, and it is the object of this volume to point out these relationships; to show the characteristic features of handwritings and their corresponding personal indications, and, generally, to present the subject in such form as to make it readily possible for any one to demonstrate to his own satisfaction the relationship of character to chirography.


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Cód. Barras 9781473385245
Ano da Publicação 2013
AutorClifford Howard