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How To Quit Smoking And Save Your Life! (Cód: 3116745)

Keelan, Brian


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How To Quit Smoking And Save Your Life!


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As a smoker I am sure you have come to realize that you are either going to deal with this problem or it is going to deal with you... and you are not going to like that one little bit. For over a hundred years the tobacco industry has worked with the governments and advertising /publicity cartels of the world to entice young people into their web of addiction. Then they have extracted huge sums of money from them before thanking them with an early and painful death. When you can see what they have done to you and are planning to do to your children, you will come to see the tobacco industry and the people who benefit financially from their actions as despicable predators. So despicable that the very thought of giving them even one more dime of your money will turn your stomach. You will make it your life's mission to not only get out of their deadly grip, but to keep your children and their children free of the curse of nicotine addiction. As an addicted smoker, you are in a win-lose situation here; they win-you lose... bigtime! But before you face the tremendous odds against successfully quitting smoking, you should step back for a moment and learn how to do it. ââ?¬Å?How To Quit Smoking and Save Your Lifeââ?¬? will teach you the street-smart skills learned the hard way by a 40 year smoker who failed to quit over 70 times before finally learning how to do it. Once these skills were learned, quitting smoking really was a lot easier to do and doing so will give you a good feeling that will never go away.


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Acabamento e-book
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Tamanho do Arquivo 253
Início da Venda 24/08/2010
Código do Formato Epub
Cód. Barras 9781607466437
Ano da Publicação 110
AutorKeelan, Brian