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I Am I Wish I Can - Boost your Creativity to the Causative Level (Cód: 9476098)


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I Am I Wish I Can - Boost your Creativity to the Causative Level



I Am I Wish I Can starts you off by exploring sacred impulses and connecting you with universal laws that help you manifest your heart’s desire. The focus is on how to become your true self, explore your destiny as a giver and boost your creativity to the causative level.


From a refined degree of reason and understanding, I Am I Wish I Can provides clear statements of identity, detachment, and creativity. This helps further the questions: who am I, what am I, and what (and how) can I do. A relationship between self and other is explored which leads to the recognition of We.

Then, a specific teaching of I CAN is unveiled. It uses the causative aspect of belief and the creative power of visualization. This shows you how to work with attention, relaxation, repetition, and imagination in order to boost the intensity of your belief to the level of conviction. With this understanding, you can actualize your aims provided they conform to natural, physical, universal laws. Try it, it works.

As you engage the sacred impulses and the special ideas included in I Am I Wish I Can, you will find many ways to apply this teaching. You can utilize this for strengthening your health, actualizing your dreams, manifesting your life plan, and for achieving success and prosperity in your profession and in love.


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