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I Got Hired - The Boxset (Cód: 9437666)

Simon Ward

Mint Associates Ltd t/a (Livros Digitais)

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I Got Hired - The Boxset



I Got Hired is the revolutionary job hunt system that uses expert know-how, mobile technology and proven processes to join up your job hunt and put it in your pocket. I Got Hired : The Box Set contains all five titles of the I Got Hired Workbook series. Using the unique system of instructional cartoons and infographics I Got Hired : The Box Set walks you through a detailed and professional job hunt, from the day you first decide to start looking for the perfect new role, right up to 100 days into the great new opportunity you have earned yourself. The full set includes;Prepare For Success : building solid foundations, setting achievable goals, understanding your needs - Setting up your perfect job hunt environment- Building a personal support network - Evaluating your personal & financial circumstances- Understanding exactly what you want & need from your new role and employer - Defining your job hunt campaign plan with clear & measurable targets - Starting your journey with Octagon™, the I Got Hired proven job hunt process Your Sales Toolkit : creating great resumes, CVs, Cover Letters, Applications & Social Media profiles- A full package of tailored agency & employer resumes & CVs - Professional cover letters that will get you noticed - A hard hitting 'elevator pitch' to drive home your key sales messages - Phone scripts that will have real impact on every call you make - Document packs of references, testimonials & qualifications - Expert Social Media profiles that support, not scupper, your job huntThe Jobs Jungle : getting the best from employers, Social Media, agencies, Job Boards & networking- Devise a 'Channel Strategy' specific to the needs of your job hunt - Become an expert at identifying & evaluating opportunities - Use Social Media to find the perfect roles & support your job hunt - Manage agencies, recruiters, Job Boards & personal networks like a pro - Sell yourself directly to carefully targeted employers - Make perfect professional applications & convert them into interviews The Perfect Interview : prepare and perform like a pro, whatever the interview, assessment or test- Helps you understand all the stages of the interview & assessment process - Gives you a framework to assess exactly the type of interview you are going to face - Provides tools & checklists to get your preparation spot on - Teaches you advanced answering techniques to use in all types of interview - Walks you through the challenges of all the major testing techniques - Defines the structure, content & purpose of assessment centers - Provides the tricks of the trade to take control & 'close' your interview Closing The Deal : negotiate the perfect deal, prepare for your 1st day and manage your 1st 100 days - Make the right decisions & negotiate the best deal- Manage the all important referencing & screening process like a 'Pro'- Make the most of your 'Exit' & leave with dignity, and everything you need - Prepare to walk into your new job with confidence & professionalism - Understand the importance of your Employee Brand & how to build a great one - Plan for your first 100 days & beyondI Got Hired : The Boxset, is right there, holding your hand every step of the way. There are no buzzwords, jargon or techno speak, just straightforward step by step advice written by a team of internationally renowned recruiters and HR experts. I Got Hired : The Boxset is full of simple, clear and transparent advice telling you exactly what to do, why you should do it, and what to do next.


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Marca Mint Associates Ltd t/a (Livros Digitais)
Número de Páginas 631 (aproximado)
Idioma 337
Acabamento e-book
Territorialidade Internacional
Formato Livro Digital Epub
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Tamanho do Arquivo 47252
Início da Venda 01/09/2016
Código do Formato Epub
Cód. Barras 9781912022687
Ano da Publicação 116
AutorSimon Ward