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Pivots Patterns And Intraday Swing Trades - Derivatives Analysis With The E-Mini And Russell Futures Contracts + Website (Cód: 9236254)

Scheier,M William

John Wiley & Sons

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Pivots Patterns And Intraday Swing Trades - Derivatives Analysis With The E-Mini And Russell Futures Contracts + Website


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An original approach to trend discovery and trade entry Initial forays into day trading stock index futures reveal a starkly different decision environment. There is no time to dwell on technical conditions. Intraday volatility in the stock indices is far more exaggerated than the daily bar charts of other markets, partly due to the extreme leverage, partly due to the intense attention. And positioning techniques that prove reliable in the action of the long-term trends in other instruments tend to fail in the countertrend reactions of the highly leveraged S&P futures contract within the short-term. For the informed trader, tremendous opportunities in these intraday trend swings can be captured. This book will show you how. Filled with detailed technical models, this reliable resource skillfully utilizes innovative methodologies for trend discovery and trade entry in mini-stock index futures markets. It offers a fresh approach to understanding and capitalizing on market volatility, allowing you to sort out the apparent chaos of the day trading environment through codified and recognizable trade entry setups. Highlights trading techniques that are anything but mechanical scalping Explores conceptual event models and their accompanying rules Contains tools by which major intraday swing trends can be identified quickly and often at the very turning points where they begin Explains the underlying order and structure to the markets based on the repetitive nature of human behavior Engaging and informative, this reliable resource will put you in a better position to excel in today's dynamic markets. When the Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched the S&P 500 E-mini in 1997, their aim was to provide non-professionals with an opportunity to trade on an even footing with professional traders. Judging by the fact that the intervening years have seen a veritable boom of E-mini stock index trading worldwide, one can conclude that their experiment was a smashing success. It's easy to see why E-mini trading has become so popular among day traders. First, there are the much lower margins associated with the smaller contract sizes, as compared to their floor-traded counterparts. Also, because trades are executed entirely electronically, there are no market makers or floor brokers. And, unlike commodities or standard futures, there is virtually no chance of manipulation, insider trading or any of the other problems that occasionally affect other financial markets. But along with its many advantages and abundant opportunities, E-mini trading brings an entirely new set of challenges and potential pitfalls that can bedevil the best laid plans of beginners and seasoned day traders alike. Due to extreme leverage and the intense participation they receive, the stock index futures markets afford little time for traders to dwell on technical conditions. Intraday volatility in the stock indices is far more exaggerated than that reflected in the daily bar charts of other markets. And positioning techniques that have proven reliable in anticipating the actions of long-term trends in other instruments, fail miserably when applied to the countertrend reactions of the highly leveraged S&P futures contract within the shorter, intraday time frames. Author Will Scheier draws upon his decades of experience as a highly successful day trader and trading educator to provide you with: A framework of Day Models for making sense of the chaos of the day trading environment Codified, easy-to-adapt trade entry setups Trading techniques that are anything but mechanical scalping Technical Trade Event Models and their rules Tools for spotting major intraday swing trends at the instant they begin Fresh insights to Old School and floor trader concepts like the Open Range, Taylor 3-day Cycle and classic pattern breakout filtering Archived performance record of real-time trade calls Divided into four parts, the technical tools exposed in the first three parts are eventually brought together into a cohesive whole in Part Four. There, a special meaning is afforded to them when they arrive in the confluence of pattern, price and time. In addition, once the identity of completed trade entry models are established, Part Four of the book then includes the blueprint for creating a Trade Plan, and enumerates the rules necessary to conduct a business according to that Plan. Engaging, informative, practical, this reliable resource will put you in a prime position to profit mightily in today's ever more volatile stock markets A fresh new approach and proven techniques for understanding and capitalizing on market volatility in the E-mini markets Contrary to popular opinion, the extreme volatility of the E-mini stock index markets can offer traders great opportunities for achieving highly consistent returns. The trick is in knowing how to spot pattern models in the apparent chaos of the markets and to move swiftly to capitalize on intraday trends at their onset. This book shows you how. Packed with time-tested technical models and original methodologies for trend discovery and trade entry in the E-mini markets, this book addresses those problems, and more, while arming you with the insights and tools you need to capitalize on the daily opportunities available to the skilled trader in these markets. In addition, the Companion Website features additional examples of many of the concepts as narrated in the author's own voice in video format. 'Pivots, Patterns, and Intraday Swing Trades' is a must-have resource for experienced day traders and newcomers alike. 'As part of compiling and publishing a comprehensive review of online futures trade rooms for 'Futures Truth Magazine, ' I've evaluated the performance of 512 futures traders. The criteria for evaluation were very exacting, and the task took over four and half years. The methods (and resulting performance) I observed Will Scheier using in his trade room over several uninterrupted months put him in the top 10 of all rooms. During those months, I witnessed some strings of 10 to 20 consecutive winning days in row! It's been a pleasure reading a copy of his book, pre-release, and can't imagine anyone approaching the challenge of futures without considering these methods. Truly remarkable, and reflective of true talent.' --Dean Handley, PhD, MBA, JD, Futures Trader


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Marca John Wiley & Sons
I.S.B.N. 9781118775790
Referência 024971492
Altura 23.11 cm
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Número de Páginas 240
Idioma Inglês
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Cód. Barras 9781118775790
Ano da edição 2014
AutorScheier,M William