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"quot;THEY"quot; Cripple Society Who are "quot;THEY"quot; and how do they do it? Volume 2 (Cód: 8621016)

Spencer, Cleon E.


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"quot;THEY"quot; Cripple Society Who are "quot;THEY"quot; and how do they do it? Volume 2


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People usually think of discrimination as being against black or other ethnic minorities. Think again. 'quot;THEY'quot; Cripple Society Volumes 1 and 2 will show how it is also practiced, usually by white people, very abundantly and severely against certain good caliber white people. It is damaging to human personhood, character, career and health.

The books establish that a considerable portion of the general population, in high places and low, discriminate against fine people who are exceptional in certain ways, either academically or otherwise. This discrimination cripples society by robbing it of some of its better charactered citizens - students, employees, managers, professionals and other people of sometimes outstanding ability.

This story of mental abuse and mental cruelty and of the long overlooked social problem it presents, was written from the Christian perspective of the author, but it also has a message for people in the numerous secular occupations.

About the Author:

The author, Cleon E. Spencer, has had a varied experience in commerce, industry, and as a minister of the church for many years. He has been able to combine his life experiences with those of other people he has known and/or ministered to. It is on these unique experiences in society, including the church, that the writings of this 'quot;THEY'quot; Cripple Society Volume 2, and its preceding 'quot;THEY'quot; Cripple Society Volume 1 are written. The author is grateful to Ada, his wife for fifty-eight years, for doing all the original computer typing on both books.


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Início da Venda 11/04/2012
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Cód. Barras 9781927360514
Ano da Publicação 2012
AutorSpencer, Cleon E.