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Raising Rabbits Indoors - The Complete House Rabbit Care Guide (Cód: 9585919)

Anita Haley

Metrelle Consulting Incorporated (Livros Digitais)

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Raising Rabbits Indoors - The Complete House Rabbit Care Guide



This is the ultimate guide on raising rabbits indoors with the most current, up-to-date facts and references you need to be prepared as a house rabbit owner. This handbook will get you started with a solid foundation of information on house rabbits, but even if you've kept bunnies for 20 years, there's always more to learn, which for many rabbit enthusiasts is just one of the reasons they love their long-eared companions so much. You will find information on getting started with raising a rabbit or bunny indoors, such as breeding, lifespan, indoor rabbit habitat, training, behavior, rabbit hutches and cages, litter box and leash tips, ARBA show standards and BRC Breeding standards, and a list of breeders by breed for the USA, relevant web sites, as well as a list of breeders for the UK and Canada. There is literally a rabbit out there for just about anyone willing to learn how to care for them, physically and emotionally, which is the point of this ebook. Bringing any pet into your life and home is a serious responsibility. Especially with a sensitive animal like a rabbit or bunny, it's imperative that you understand what you're getting yourself into - especially since you're interested in having a house rabbit. People new to the idea of keeping a companion rabbit are often taken aback by the sheer variety these animals offer in terms of size, quality of coat, and type of personality. Anita Haley also outlines so much more, such as details about the most popular rabbit pet breeds by size including the most popular eight genera that can be domesticated, terms you should be familiar with, grooming information, and plants and litter toxic to rabbits that should be avoided, advice for interviewing a prospective rabbit vet as well as antibiotic advice, rabbit ownership buying advice and costs, general rabbit-proofing any responsible pet owner should be aware of. This guide suggests the best vegetables for your rabbit, answer your all your questions on raising house rabbits, as well as go in depth into possible diseases to be aware of that could affect your rabbit's health, such as ringworm, Tyzzer's disease, mycomatosis and viral hemmorrhagic disease - to name just a few. After reading this ebook, you will be an expert on raising house rabbits - guaranteed!


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Marca Metrelle Consulting Incorporated (Livros Digitais)
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Acabamento e-book
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Início da Venda 01/12/2013
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Cód. Barras 9781927870563
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AutorAnita Haley