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Shadow in the USA (Cód: 3540448)

Hobbs, Bob


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Shadow in the USA



Gain a better understanding of our chaotic world and tools for living more humanely in it with an illustrated introduction to what psychologists refer to as the “human shadow.”

This vibrant, visual introduction to the shadow examines life in the USA with wry humor and artwork by the fantasy master Bob Hobbs. It can’t be denied that alarming amounts of animosity exist, particularly in an election year. We see the finger pointing, hear the name-calling, listen to doublethink and newspeak every day of our lives. Yet the overall situation continues to deteriorate. Nothing improves. At personal levels (Me against You), state levels (Red State versus Blue State), and national levels (Our Perpetual War on Someone), things have clearly gotten out of hand.

Understanding how the human shadow operates in each of our minds – why does the pot call the kettle black? -- has become absolutely imperative. As Carl Jung wrote, “Failure to do so will lead to the extinction of the human race.” Or as Albert Einstein put it, “We need an essentially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

Toward that end, Shadow in the USA is a lavishly illustrated and entertaining introduction to the serious psychic process of denial, projection and blame. To help the medicine go down Plumb re-tells a classic version of “Beauty and the Beast” and puts vibrant artwork by the fantasy master Bob Hobbs on every page. The resulting genre-busting excursion into the depths of human nature will provide readers with a better understanding of their chaotic world, and tools for living more humanely in it.


“Thanks for writing this book. It is a gem and a treasure!” --ROBERT JOHNSON, PhD, Acclaimed Jungian analyst and best-selling author.

“Hats off to you for doing a wonderful job of making a distasteful subject so entertaining.” --KATHERINE M. SANFORD, MA, Analytical Psychologist.

“While retelling “Beauty and the Beast,” Plumb leads us into depths which invite introspection regarding the “beast” within each of us, and the “beast” within our culture. She obliges us to see where deeper, darker energies spill into our lives.” --JAMES HOLLIS, PhD, Analytical psychologist and author, Director of Jungian Studies for Saybrook University.

“This is a powerful little book. A humorously written, exquisitely illustrated tale of profound psychological importance. The true potential of the USA and the true potential of individual freedom can only continue to evolve if we dare to look into such mirrors.” --ROBERT TOMPKINS, PhD, MFT, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy.

“I like your enthusiasm for the shadow.” --ROBERT BLY, National Book Award poet.



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Início da Venda 15/06/2011
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Cód. Barras 9780981670836
Ano da Publicação 111
AutorHobbs, Bob