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The Metarevolution (2nd Edition) (Cód: 3541598)

Mahoney,Kevin; Bartley, Grant


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The Metarevolution (2nd Edition)



The Metarevolution is a revolutionary manifesto about revolutions. It's a theory about the nature of change through history, and a theory of what to do about it. No matter how well thought-out an ideology or set of ideals may be to start with, there are always limitations in its application which only become clear as its ideas are applied. History shows that as a guiding way of thinking's limitations are revealed, or as thinking stagnates when it needs to change, disaster or corruption often ensues. How can we overcome these limitations in our ideals and ideologies for present and future revolutions, and subsequently overcome the failure to ultimately progress? By looking at the imminent ecological revolution, and at many examples from history, The Metarevolution analyses what goes wrong with cultures in following their ideals. The metarevolutionary response is to create a subculture which pursues an on-going critique of ideology, the aim of which is for humanity to continually evolve in its basic ideals. In following this programme we will continually redirect ourselves towards the best world we can create for ourselves. And The Metarevolution needs you. The Second Edition of The Metarevolution clarifies the arguments of the First Edition, and contains additional material on the nature of history and its problems.


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Produto sob encomenda Não
Idioma Inglês
Acabamento e-book
Cód. Barras 9781908375087
Ano da Publicação 2011
Mês da Publicação JULHO
AutorMahoney,Kevin; Bartley, Grant