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The Phantom of the Trump - The Reality Show in the Twilight Zone (Cód: 9540159)

Katz, Ilya

Katz Liberty Books (Livros Digitais)

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The Phantom of the Trump - The Reality Show in the Twilight Zone



Book ‘Phantom of the Trump” has no analogs. It consists of 85 sharp cartoons and close to 600 brainy aphorisms, barbs, jocks, unique concentrations of satirical wisdom.

Trumpbuster is a political obituary note.It is satirical autopsy report.

Insults for special occasion against person who detrimental to our nation.

This book fills with chemical that dissolves the trust in idol.

A good aphorism is like a speed bump; it regulates the speed and annoys the driver. 

My aphorisms and cartoons are like a shell in the main gun, like a corkscrew in the bottle, like an owl in the ass.

Satirical laugher is the only medicine against vanity; it is the very effective medicine against overblown authorities.

Those who had ascended so high that they achieved orbit are still subject to the gravitational pull of satire.

Donald Trump is presidential hopeful (hoaxfool). Trump considers himself a hacker who hacked the personal website of God and established an unlimited credit for himself.

Too bad every a$$hole considers himself to be a cosmic size Collider Hole.

Only a doctor can practice medicine, only a scientist can do experiments, However as sure Donald Trump, anyone with money and impudence can govern the country.

Donald Trump is chief of mischief. Why people take fake promissory notes from serial bankrupt. I firmly believe any doctor-proctologist can compete with Donald Trump. He will do the same as Donald through the ass, but at least he will do it professionally.

Free cheese is available only in Mouse Trump. 

Donald Trump’s promises are like mushrooms. It’s important to recognize the poisonous ones before you swallow them.

As a doctor of common sense, I can officially state that medicine is powerless against some of Trump’s ideas.

The politics of Donald Trump differ from pornography in that both are indecent, but pornography at least makes you want to participate.

After studing some of Donald’s Trump ideas I jumped to the conclusion that he possesses only one intellectual wrinkle like the one he seats on.

Some people choose their leaders with their hearts, some with their heads, and some with other spots.

Sometimes in politics, the fight between the heart and the head wins the ass.

Sometimes people fall in love with their charismatic, delusional emotional, compulsive megamaniac and such obsession always leads to disaster.

I would give free contraceptives to Trump’s naive admirers to stop their multiplication. 

Main guns are made not for decoration, but for shooting; Trump starts with shooting; imagine what he will do when he will be shooting from the Oval Office.

If Donald Trump will get into power he will show his real face, and the citizenry will scream in fear.

I am not Nostradamus, just KATZstadamus, but this is my prediction. After one more terrorists attack on American soil frighten American consumers will rush to “strong man” Donald Trump to beg for protection. His rating will be skyrocketed and he will win presidency.

If Donald Trump will be elected, Republic founded by our forfathers will be diminished, constitution will be circumcised and lady Liberty will be systematically raped.

 Election of Donald Trump could be an American prolonged hara-kiri.

Is it not time to get tough against Trump’s bluff?


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AutorKatz, Ilya