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The Role of the Limbic System and Self-Esteem in Psychopathology (Cód: 3134794)


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The Role of the Limbic System and Self-Esteem in Psychopathology


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This highly innovative book lays the foundation for classification and for highly specific and detailed understanding of the diverse emotions as comprising evolutionary-adaptive mechanism for control of behavior, tended to act in concert with higher cortical functions. The conditions where such coordination with higher cortical control is impaired are described as leading to Systematically Inefficient Behavior (S.I.B.) and to the known Psychoneuroses - contingent on the properties of the original particular emotion subject to functional systematic failure.The book specifies the meaning of each particular emotion. Ethological implications of the emotional system are analyzed, particularly concerning Man'apos;s sense of self-esteem as an ontological source for perceived Range of Entitlement, determining the range of unimpaired activity and efficient action. Also described in this book are energetics of the emotional mechanism and degree of affective vividness of emotions; the diverse Psychoneuroses and Systematically Inefficient behaviors as well as suitable therapies.

Mr. Nick Owchar, L.A. Times Book Review: 'quot;The work is exceptional. It truly is...very impressive, I want to say that...'quot;

Dr. Reinhard Wandtner, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany): 'quot;The conclusions seem to me well founded.'quot;

From the Contents:
Self-Esteem and Psychotherapy.
An Account of Systematically Inefficient Behavior:
The inhibited emotions of Hatred; Suffering; Happiness; Curiosity; Anger and frustration; Love; Fear; Insecurity; Security - a Report on Major Origins of Evil.
Pity, Compassion and their Opponents.
The Role of Dreams in Psychotherapy. Nostalgia.
On the expression of unpleasant emotions. References.

About the Author:
Michael M. Sharon is a researcher in Cognitive Sciences and a journalist of a multidisciplinary emphasis. He is the author of 'quot;Divided attention'quot;, on simultaneous intelligences and the brain'apos;s frontal lobes.


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