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The Structures of Binary Compounds (Cód: 9624529)

F. Hulliger; W. B. Jensen; J. Hafner


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The Structures of Binary Compounds



- Up-to-date compilation of the experimental data on the structures of binary compounds by Villars and colleagues.
- Coloured structure maps which order the compounds into their respective structural domains and present for the first time the local co-ordination polyhedra for the 150 most frequently occurring structure types, pedagogically very helpful and useful in the search for new materials with a required crystal structure.
- Crystal co-ordination formulas: a flexible notation for the interpretation of solid-state structures by chemist Bill Jensen.
- Recent important advances in understanding the quantum mechanical origin of structural stability presented in two clearly-written chapters by leading experts in the field: Hafner, Majewski and Vogl.

``The Structures of Binary Compounds'apos;'apos; presents not only the most up-to-date compilation of the experimental data on the structures of binary compounds, but also the recent important theoretical advances in understanding the quantum-mechanical origin of structural stability. In addition to this volume, a large wall chart displaying the structure maps for the AB, ABs and AB3 stoichiometries together with the corresponding co-ordination polyhedra, has been published.

The first half of the book details the successful ordering of the known experimental data in two- or three-dimensional coloured structure maps, the 150 most frequently occurring structure types being characterized for the first time by their local co-ordination polyhedra.

The second half of the book details the success of first-principle theoretical calculations within the Local Density Functional Approximation in predicting the correct ground state structures of binary semiconductors, insulators and metals. The book concludes with a chapter on the cohesion and structure of solids from the more localized tight-binding point of view.


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AutorF. Hulliger; W. B. Jensen; J. Hafner