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They Own It All (Including You)! - By Means of Toxic Currency (Cód: 9623159)

MacDonald,Ronald; Robert Rowen


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They Own It All (Including You)! - By Means of Toxic Currency



An ancient prophecy coincides with modern commerce and banking to create the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the people(s) in world history. It happened right here in America. This book traces your Rights and Liberties, including property ownership, originating out of our birthright, English common law. It then proves beyond any doubt that these Rights have been replaced by mere privileges akin to a serf on his lord's manner. It's all been perfected legally in a master plan of diabolical genius. Discover how the 'modern money system' is the basis of unimaginable events including the surrender of the sovereignty of all citizens throughout the world without a shot being fired. Carrying a stealth and hidden 'Mark of the bea$t' it has led to the destruction of liberties, and is the ultimate source and cause of the 'in progress' economic calamity.Enjoy unraveling one of the greatest mysteries and secrets that has ever been revealed. Learn how you and your loved ones can reclaim their unalienable Rights endowed by the Creator (Declaration of Independence and similar documents throughout the world), and free your neighbors and fellow citizens who have been physically and economically incarcerated by a corrupt monetary system. Learn who really owns the court systems!Participate in restoring America and other nations from the clutches of the hidden Masters! Watch the invisible becoming visible! If you have ever wondered who and what the hidden puppeteer is who pulls the strings on the governments of the world and you from behind the curtain, 'They Own It All (Including You)!' is sure to bring shock and awe.Author Bio: Ron MacDonald is a Vietnam veteran who spent the last 30 years studying law. His key interests are Fundamental Principles and Inherent Rights from which all other law arises. He's watched in dismay as unalienable Rights have been reduced to mere privileges. His overriding interest is for fellow citizens to be free of government tyranny. Robert Rowen, M.D. is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins University and UCSF Medical School. He is devoted to educating readers of his Second Opinion Newsletter on the real causes and remedies of illness (hint, not deficiencies of drugs). In his 26 years in the field, he has watched in dismay while forces of toxic medicine have organized through government to destroy it superior competition, biological healing. His overriding interest is freedom of medical regulatory tyranny. Over ten years of friendship and countless hours of discussion, these two have mutually interacted to uncover the one common denominator related to the loss of all our freedoms.keywords: Money, Gold, Banks, Liens, Usury, Debt, Commerce, Wealth, Law, Economies


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Início da Venda 05/03/2013
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Cód. Barras 9781622872695
Ano da Publicação 113
AutorMacDonald,Ronald; Robert Rowen