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Wants, Wishes, and Wills: A Medical and Legal Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family in Sickne (Cód: 2893049)

Whitman, Wynne; Whitman,Wynne, A.; Glisson,Shawn D.

Financial Times Prentice Hall

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Wants, Wishes, and Wills: A Medical and Legal Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family in Sickne



A terminal diagnosis... a life-threatening disease... recognition of one's own mortality... or simply planning ahead. All of these lead individuals to contemplate difficult end-of-life decisions. But, when they do, they find themselves confused, desperately seeking guidance: about living wills, health care proxies, and their own care, wishes, and affairs. Dr. Shawn D. Glisson and Wynne A. Whitman help people face these issues every day -- Glisson as a respected oncologist, Whitman as an experienced estate lawyer. Now, they've come together to give readers all the tools they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Glisson and Whitman help you answer questions like: How can I make sure I get the best possible care to fight my disease? How do I choose a health care representative to make decisions in light of continuing medical advances? How do I prepare a living will that accurately expresses my views on dying? How do I decide which care regimen is right for me? Will alternative therapies help me? What do I need to know about hospice care? Should I donate my organs, and if so, how? How do I communicate my wishes regarding my possessions? What's the best way to plan my estate and minimize my taxes? Above all, how do I make sure my wishes are followed? This book doesn't offer 'one size fits all' answers. It provides the compassionate, up-to-date, plain-English guidance you need to decide for yourself... and stay in control of your life.


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Marca Financial Times Prentice Hall
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Tamanho do Arquivo 1800
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Cód. Barras 9780132354271
AutorWhitman, Wynne; Whitman,Wynne, A.; Glisson,Shawn D.