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What Dawkins Did Not Tell You - A Riposte to the Book The Greatest Show on Earth (Cód: 9476105)

Olufemi Emmanuel Dokun-Babalola

Strategic Book Group, LLC (Livros Digitais)

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What Dawkins Did Not Tell You - A Riposte to the Book The Greatest Show on Earth




The notion that those of us who are Christians are some kind of flat?earthers, who are impervious to reason and evidence-based science, is utterly false. For atheism to succeed as an ideology, humanists must find an alternative explanation to creation and intelligent design.

herefore, there is a hard push for molecule-to-man evolution to be accepted as dogma.

In this book, a robust riposte is presented to the current most popular book pushing this concept on the unsuspecting public (The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins).

A lot of research has gone into Evolution: What Dawkins Did Not Tell you, and the thinking of several other leading scientists is encapsulated. What is clear to the author at the end of his exhaustive research, is that macroevolution, just like green men on Mars, is desperate wishful thinking.

It is hoped this book will be read by the lay public, scientists, college and high school students, evolutionists, creationists, as well as policy makers in education and political leaders. If read with an open mind, there can be only one conclusion: 'quot;In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.'quot;

About the Author:

Born in the United Kingdom in 1957, two years later Olufemi Emmanuel Dokun-Babalola 'quot;was packaged off to Nigeria where I have lived most of my adult life. I opted to educate all my four boys in the UK, and they have all had (or are having) a successful college education. At the moment, I work from two homes in Abuja and London, and so does my family. I was educated at the University of Ife in Nigeria and the University of London in the UK.'quot; He is an ophthalmologist and college professor.

The cover picture shows the micro-molecular interior of a cell with particular emphasis on Kinesin molecules carrying a vesicle cargo along a microtubule. This is the hyper-precise 'apos;internal postal system'apos; of a cell and goes to illustrate that the cell, tiny as it is, is an extremely complex entity. This complexity cannot have arisen from blind, random, chance re-arrangement of molecules in the so called primordial sea, as postulated by atheistic macro-evolutionists.

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