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What Does Self-Esteem Have To Do With Character? (Cód: 9509344)

Mary White (Livros Digitais)

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What Does Self-Esteem Have To Do With Character?



What Does Self-Esteem Have To Do With Character? -  Is a guide in understanding how to develop a healthy self-esteem and understand we cannot learn in a stage of blaming, we must understand there is a period of appropriate blaming that does have to come to an end.  We do have to take responsibility and deal with those happenings that are not our fault. We must assume responsibility for our feelings, attitudes and behaviors. It is a great insight to understand that while you may not be able to stop a behavior; you can definitely stop how you are affected by it.  Taking responsibility is the name of the game.


Taking responsibility for our feelings and not blaming or allowing someone to control us with their feelings is what it is all about.  There is a danger in trying to make everyone else happy because it causes you to lose sight of your own self, make decisions that are not in your best interest or well-being and forces you to become a people pleasers all of which will eat away at having a healthy self-esteem.


Experiences whether good or bad cannot be allowed to define one’s self; if experiences are allowed to define a person they will become an emotional roller coaster, never fully understanding who they are and what their potential actually is.  Experiences are what happened in life.  Experiences are not who a person is only what happened to the person!

Suffering is a necessary component in all our lives that will eventually promote growth, wisdom and knowledge.  If we never suffer we will not have compassion or understanding for others, nor will we be able to identify, sympathize or encourage others, we will have no schema or background for pain.



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