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WORLDS OF SPIRIT (Cód: 3435415)

BÔ YIN RÂ,; Reichenbach, B. A.


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Among the thirty-two works that form B(tm) Yin R‰'s cycle Hortus Conclusus (The Enclosed Garden), this volume occupies a special place, in that the author's text is here accompanied by twenty of the artist's spiritual perspectives, paintings that depict the nature and dynamic structure of eternal life. In his comments on this book, B(tm) Yin R‰â remarks that false ideas about the life in spiritual dimensions, patterned too directly on mortal physical experience, prevent the human soul from ever apprehending timeless life in earthly form. It therefore is essential to remove the mental barriers that tradition has created and to replace them with authentic presentations of nonphysical existence. The paintings that illuminate the present book, in which events of spiritual reality are in effect transformed into a physically accessible experience, are, together with this artist's other spiritual perspectives, unique creations in the history of art. For until now, artistic images of spiritual worlds were, of necessity, derived from either intuition or imagination, not from fully conscious and objective insights into their reality. The subject of this book is the ascent of an awakened human spirit, under the protection of its inner guide, to a dimension in the Spirit`s world where ultimate perfection is attained, and where the human spirit then is able to survey and understand its own eternal journey, from its origins, its self-willed fall from highest light, and its eventual, long and burdensome return to where it had begun its quest. The titles of the paintings illustrating the cosmology of these events: Emanation,'In Principio erat Verbum,' 'Lux in Tenebris', 'Te Deum Laudamus,' Space and Time, Primal Generation, Seeds of Future Worlds, Emerging Worlds, Birth of the External Cosmos, Labyrinth, Desire for External Form, Astral Luminescence, Sodom, Inferno, De Profundis, Revelation, Illumination, Fulfillment, Victory, and Himavat. Contents: Preface. The Ascent. The Return. Reviews of Creation. Epilogue.


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AutorBÔ YIN RÂ,; Reichenbach, B. A.